End Cap XL for Parking Rail Low - High (Set)

  • Model: XL version, for wheel diameter > 100 mm
  • Description: One-piece XL end caps, no spacers required for large wheel diameters; self-adhesive;
    Yellow position markings with signal effect to indicate the position of the wheels from floor dollys or material trolleys in the parking rail
  • Fastening: Self-adhesive surface on the backside
  • Tip: Compatible parking rail low / high (set) for medium to heavy weights see 02081ALH.0400,
    Compatible position marking as replacement see 02084S.15
  • Material: End caps: Plastic PA, glass ball reinforced
    Position markings: Plastic PET
  • Color: End caps: black
    Position markings: yellow ≈ RAL 1003
    Screw-on set (optional) plastic anchor: Yellow
  • Set: 2 XL end caps
    2 position markings
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