Mounting for Clamp Profile Connector 40 (Set)

  • Model: Steel, slot 8
  • Description: To attach frame elements to a frame structureby means of clamp profile connectors 40; completely preassembled, for lateral insertion into the profile slot, fixation by means of a nut; the upper monting defines the position in the structure, by shifting the lower mouting afterwards the frame can be fixed and locked; 12 mm gap between frame and structure, dimensional tolerances of +/- 3 mm can be compensated
  • Tip: Compatible clamp profile connector 40 (Set) see 093WWC401N08S01
  • Material: T-slot nut: Steel
    Shim: Steel
    Nut: Steel
    Screw: Steel
    Ball: Stainless steel
  • Surface: T-slot nut: Zinc plated
    Shim: Zinc plated
    Nut: Zinc plated
    Screw: Zinc plated
    Ball: Plain
  • Set: Mounting, completely preassembled:
    1 T-slot nut - slot 8 - M6,
    1 shim DIN 9021 - 6.4,
    1 nut DIN 934 - M6,
    1 screw DIN 7984 - M6 x 30,
    1 ball Ø4
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