Profile Slider ZN 40 x 80 Loose Bearing (Set)

  • Model: Slot 8
  • Description: To guide slidingly profiles with slot 8, loose bearing*
  • Tip: * Profile tracks with several profile slides ZN 40 x 80 need to be executed as a combination of a loose bearing (L) and a fixed bearing (F). This way, shape tolerances can be compensated and easy movability is provided.; Compatible Profile Slider ZN 40 x 80 Fixed Bearing see 093PS0840F
  • Material: Sliding carriage: Zinc die-cast
    Slide shoe: Plastic POM
    Fixation: Steel
    O-ring: EPDM
  • Surface: Sliding carriage: Zinc plated
    Fixation: Zinc plated
  • Color: Slide shoe: Natural O-ring: Black
  • Set: 1 sliding carriage,
    2 slide shoes,
    2 button head screws ISO 7380 - M5 x 25,
    2 O-rings DIN 3771 - 5 x 1.5,
    2 T-slot nuts - slot 8 - M5
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