FATH product portraits – standard components and complex product groups in detail

In our product portraits we provide all information about complex product groups and components for you – clear and compact!

You will find our advantages, application opportunities, mounting information as well as links to datasheets, CAD data and more.

parking rails

Parking Rails

Lean your production processes in a simple way with the FATH parking rails. The parking rails mark the exact parking positions for dollies or in-house trolleys.

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monitor work station wall

Monitor Work Station WALL

Lean Production: The space-saving monitor work station WALL for wall mounting offers optimum ergonomics and can be adapted to a wide range of different requirements in the production process - all in one go. Your turbo for efficiency benefits!

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monitor suspension arm sky

Monitor Suspension Arm SKY

The FATH Monitor Suspension Arm SKY combines the effective provision of information with ergonomic working and lean use of space. Your turbo for the optimization of production processes in industrial manufacturing!

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magnifying lamp d160

Magnifying Lamp D160

The FATH magnifying lamp D160 with jointed arm provides optimum visibility at the assembly workstation and thus enables fatigue-free and ergonomic working. The error rate is minimized, productivity increases.

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lamps and power strips

Lamps and Power Strips

Good light at the workplace promotes concentration, helps avoid mistakes and prevents premature fatigue. FATH brings professional LED lighting to workstations and assembly stations, with a particularly natural spectrum if required.

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swivel and fixed castors

Swivel and Fixed Castors

In cooperation with market leader Blickle, FATH has designed these swivel and fixed castors especially for use with aluminum profile systems. All housings and adapter plates are alu color powder coated and match perfectly with anodized aluminum profiles.

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systems arms

System Arms

All system arms consist of friction joints with a fixed friction torque, each joint being available in six different versions. In this way the moveability can be adapted to every need. Completely assembled, delivered for direct use on the worktable.

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gray and alu colored components

Gray and Alu Colored Components

The main components of FATH are available in gray plastic or with an alu colored coating. Gray and alu colored components give the frame a high-quality and harmonious appearance due to the soft contrast to the profile.

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cable fixations

Cable Fixations

The blocks are used in combination with cable ties or hook-and-loop tapes to optimize cable routing. For perfect order without cable ties and hook-and-loop tapes: Clip cable binders and snap-cable-binding from FATH.

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Swivel Castor with Lifting Foot

The Lifting Foot is an ingenious combination of a FATH leveling foot with a Blickle swivel castor. Permanently mounted, it facilitates the frequent relocation of machines and devices on industrial floors, without any need for additional handling equipment, and without tools or assembly.

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FATH Friction Joints

Friction Joints for System Arm

The axis of the FATH friction joints can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. This offers a wide range of new possibilities for providing tools and materials in an ergonomic and organized way.

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Alu Connection Angle M (Set)

It doesn’t get any faster than that! Simply attach FATH Alu Connection Angles M with pre-installed magnetic rhombus screws to the Profiles with slot 8, tighten the nuts, and you’re done! The aluminum profiles are stably connected.

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Lift Castors

Flexibility is one of the important features of modern manufacturing facilities. Setting up and leveling a machine or installation into a relatively permanent position for years to come is not necessarily common practice any longer. It is with this scenario in mind that FATH Components has developed its Lift Castor unit as a “Plug-and-Work” solution which has been conceptualized as a mounting for machinery and facilities with a maximum lifting load of 500 kg per unit.


Roller Tracks AL + Roller Tracks ST

FATH offers a collection of different transport units and accessories for aluminum as well as steel roller track profiles. Assembly of the units in the aluminum profile can be done easily form above and without tools. You have the choice between different rollers, ball rollers, brush and slide units. All units can be freely combined.

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FATH Slam Latch Compact + Slam Latch PRO

Slam Latch Compact + Slam Latch PRO

FATH Slam Latches are multifunctional door handles for protecting safety guards such as doors and flaps on machines and installations. The compact and symmetrical design permits simple mounting on profile rails and allows use on doors hinged on the left and right.

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FATH Slam Latch PROe

Slam Latch PROe

FATH PROe is a multifunctional door handle for protecting and monitoring safety guards such as doors and flaps on machines and installations. It consists of a handle and an interlocking module equipped with the proven transponder-coded safety technology CES by EUCHNER. The use of transponder technology ensures maximum safety according to EN ISO 13849-1 (Cat. 4 / PLe) and provides the best possible protection against tampering.

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FATH Tubular Frame Connectors D28

Tubular Frame Connectors D28

After only a short period of time the Tubular Frame System D28 has proved successful for the construction of custom structures for workplaces, material shuttles, shelves, and flow racks. Planning and assembly is easy, due to the need for only a few standard parts and because the Poka Yoke principle is being applied.

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Combi Hinges

FATH Combi hinges, made from plastics, stainless steel, and die-cast aluminum, form a visually homogeneous family within which you can freely combine all the different hinge leaves 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60, adapted to your application.

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