Warehouse & Logistics

Simple yet highly effective: Design your LEAN warehouse & logistics with intelligent products from FATH. Innovative solutions for digitalization and partial automation further increase added value.

FATH Engineering Components

FATH convinces as system-independent accessories supplier for aluminum profiles. Individual components from the Engineering Components catalog are the solution for achieving complex and individual structures from aluminum profiles quickly. Even combining different profile systems is no problem with FATH components. The wide range of options offered by FATH enable machines and assembly workstations to grow together into a functioning unit.

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FATH LEAN 4.0 solutions enable
work processes to be continuously
optimized. Self-adhesive floor
markings make it easier to mark out
areas and travel paths. Warehouses
and logistics can be organized with
reusable and self-adhesive or PVC-free
container markings. In addition to the
material supply, the material flow also
offers unimaginable potential that can
be reached with FATH LEAN 4.0.

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Warehouse & Intralogistics Automation

FATH offers a complete range of innovative components and subsystems for the construction of roller conveyors and belt conveyors. Flowsort branded modular sortation systems can be installed in any conveyor system from 400 - 1000mm width. The supplied Software Function Blocks allow easy and direct connection to the PLC of the warehouse management system. The use of Flowsort sorting modules thus saves time in planning and installation and also allows easy retrofitting and expansion of existing systems.

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FATH Beyond Intralogistics

FATH‘s ambos.io branded solutions bring
digitalization and automation into
production and assembly. Automatically
digitalized stocks and automatic reordering
enable efficiency to be increased, as
there is no need for time-consuming
manual inventory. Ambos.io solutions
support workers with editable instructions
and pick by light, presenting the
right item at the right time. This guarantees
the highest quality in assembly.

Digitalization Solutions ambos.io


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