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FATH, Ambos, Mechatronics and You: A good combination for the future


The addition of the LEAN 4.0 program to FATH Components as well as the products and solutions of the investment companies and FATH Mechatronics is our answer to your extended needs as a result of accelerated market changes. Over 30 years of international production and market experience, networked practical knowledge and digital expertise are pooled together to develop trendsetting solutions.



Benefit from the know-how, the expertise and the innovative strength that connects the group members in the areas of Warehousing/Logistics, Assembly, Production, Security and Procurement.

FATH Cross Selling Logistik

Warehouse & Logistics

A gloomy and cramped warehouse atmosphere is long outdated. Modern warehouses impress with their clear structures and digital possibilities

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Cross Selling Montage


The subject of assembly involves more than just the assembly of products. Digitization and the ergonomics of workplaces must be considered

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Cross Selling Production-Line


The era of production that is harmful to health and the environment is over. Digital solutions are pointing the way to a new age of production

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Cross Selling Sicherheit


Data protection is a wide-ranging topic that is also necessary beyond the digital world. Physical data security is often forgotten

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The organization of procurement is time-consuming and costly. Digital solutions help with recognizing and maximizing potential

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At a glance

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FATH Logo_ambos-fath_rgb Mechatronics


  • Components for Aluminum Profile Systems
  • Components for Work Stations
  • Floor Elements
  • Roller Tracks


LEAN 4.0

  • Floor Markings
  • Shelf and Container Labelings
  • Material Flow / Material Supply
  • Visual Boards



Available soon

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor


FATH Components impresses in its role as a system-independent supplier of accessories for Aluminum profiles. Individual components from the Engineering Components catalog are the solution for quickly creating complex and individual structures from Aluminum profiles. Even the combination of different profile systems is no longer a problem with FATH Components. The wide range of possibilities offered by FATH means that machines and assembly workstations can be merged to form a functioning unit.


LEAN 4.0

With the FATH LEAN solutions, work processes can be continuously optimized. Self-adhesive floor markings make it easier to mark areas and routes. Storage and logistics can be organized with reusable and self-adhesive or PVC-free container labels. In addition to material provision, the material flow also offers undreamt-of potential that can be realized with FATH LEAN.


FATH Mechatronics

Further Information


  • Smart Access Control


  • Server and Switch Cabinet Construction Components


Security is an important topic in every company. FATH Mechatronics offers solutions for logging unauthorized openings and reporting it to other systems. Innovative solutions for physical data protection make it possible to achieve new levels of data protection with little implementation effort.



  • Smart Storage Solutions
  • Smart Order Solutions
  • Smart Assembly Stations brings digitization and automation to Production and Assembly. Automatically digitized stocks and automatic reorders enable increased efficiency, as time-consuming manual stock-taking is no longer necessary. We support workers with editable instructions and Pick by Light, presenting the right item at the right time. In this way they ensure the highest quality in assembly.

What makes special is the holistic way of thinking, from our employees together with customers and partners towards a digital and innovative Industry 4.0. Our products offer holistic and innovative solutions for intralogistics and assembly in the areas of hardware and software. In addition to our systems for the workplace and warehouse, we also support the development of internal and external concepts in the flow of goods, procurement and other areas.
Theresia Diepold
Theresia Diepold
Project Manager
FATH combines innovation in the production of LEAN products and know-how in the field of LEAN. As a manufacturer of LEAN products, FATH attaches particular importance to sustainability. Wherever possible, recycled plastics are used and PVC is avoided. The focus is always on the customer. For us, individual solutions are not an optional extra - rather they are the standard.
Michael Honisch
Michael Honisch
Head of LEAN 4.0

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