Sustainability - What we are doing

In 1998, the company FATH Kunststoff -and Stahltechnik moved into a wooden building that had been planned and constructed according to sustainable building criteria, in the newly developed Gewerbepark Hügelmühle near Spalt. This was the beginning of a continuous development towards ever-increasing sustainability. To date, FATH has been adding new elements to the “green portfolio” every year.

Wooden buildings and building biology

Our building parts 1, 2 and 3 are made of wooden construction, and the insulating material is made of cell wool. This is pleasant for the people who work in it and has a good environmental balance. In order for the employees to be exposed to a minimum of electromagnetic stress, we have long before it was standard flat screens used for all jobs.

Waste heat utilization and combined heat and power plant

FATH uses the waste heat from the injection-molding and die-casting machines to heat the company buildings and to heat domestic water. A combined heat and power unit is available to cover fuel consumption. In the summer the waste heat from the machines is used to heat the company-owned swimming pool.

Energy efficiency in production

In 2010, FATH switched from hydraulic to electric drive in the field of injection molding. In addition to the energy saving effect, a faster, more precise production with better reproducibility was achieved – a profit for the environment and quality. In 2011, the entire lighting system was switched to LED production, an investment that not only saves money, but also a considerable sehergonomic advantage.


At the end of 2010, the entire available roof area of the company building in Spalt, Germany was occupied with PV modules. FATH has its own solar power plant with 225 kWp power, which comprehensively covers its own consumption. In addition, there are three solar carports, the electricity of which is also fed.


More than 70% of all kilometers driven in Germany are short distances, on which only one person sits in the car. With this in mind, FATH is convinced that electric vehicles make sense. In 2012 a fleet of Twizys was procured, which not only serve to make trips, some employees also use the Flitzer also for their way of work. Charging is free of charge at the company premises, of course with solar power.

Green electricity

Since 2011, FATH has been exclusively supplying certified green electricity to supplement the self-produced solar power.

Health care

The topic of sustainability also includes the health and fitness of the colleagues. FATH supports its employees with natural-medical advice, fresh fruit and a colorful sport offer. Table tennis, beach ball, joint training and participation in bike, marathon and triathlon competitions – and not least the company swimming pool – are some examples of the FATH commitment in this direction.