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FATH Components started out as a family operation and evolved during the years into an owner managed international group with production and distribution companies in Europe, the PR China and the USA. This way, a secure foundation for the future was created and the greatest possible proximity to our target markets was achieved

FATH is deeply rooted in the Frankonian lake district, where the headquarters, central logistics, and product design department are located. Here, also a major part of our components range is manufactured.

As our customer, you additionally benefit from our international purchasing and production network. With its support, FATH is able to control and optimize the balance of price, quality, and responsibility, thereby constantly offering the best solutions and products.



  • Founding 1989: FATH GmbH in Spalt, Germany

  • Founding 2003: FATH Inc. in Orlando, FL, USA

  • Founding 2007: FATH Machine Components Ltd. in Shanghai, China

  • Founding 2007: FATH Components Kft. in Budaörs, Hungary

  • Founding 2010: Components Ltd. in Aldershot, United Kingdom

  • Founding 2012: FATH Components BV in Venlo, Netherlands

  • Founding 2016: FATH Mechatronics GmbH Spalt, Germany

FATH Components

  • Headquarters: Gewerbepark Hügelmühle 31, D-91174 Spalt

  • Managing directors: Wido Fath, Mirko Jan Fath, Dr. Markus Feil

  • Employee: Approximately 220 employees in Germany, around 330 worldwide

  • Sales partners: Budaörs, Aldershot, Venlo, Shanghai, Orlando FL

  • Distributors: 34 sales partners in 22 countries