Organically Grown

FATH is a medium-sized corporate group based in Spalt, Middle Franconia, with around 330 employees across the globe. The primarily organically grown company specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of system components.

FATH components support customers in the areas of mechanical engineering, industrial enclosure hardware, production equipment as well as Lean 4.0 – improving the visualization and material flow of intra factory logistics. From the product idea to the design, toolmaking to the production through to the distribution of the product, FATH provides a wide breath of value.

As an international supplier FATH maintains its own production, logistics and sales locations in Germany, United States, the People's Republic of China, Hungary, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil and the Netherlands. Also, in selected countries, there is an international network of FATH-distribution partners.


The FATH values

 “Innovation for growth”

  • By continuously thinking about enhancing customer product benefits in new, unfamiliar ways and courageously implementing ideas, we are strengthening our innovative conviction.
  • With our innovative solutions, you as our customer can achieve your goals successfully.

 “Passion for quality”

  • Quality is our standard - uncompromising and at the highest level, in all areas: with FATH solutions and products as well as in our processes and management.
  • Ensuring the quality of our operations requires continuous effort. We work passionately on this. The result: enthusiastic, loyal customers with long-lasting success.

 “From person to person”

  • We face our customers, colleagues and partners with compassion and understanding, in a respectful and appreciative manner.
  • Through open and honest communication we create long-term partnerships.


  • Founding 1989: FATH GmbH in Spalt, Germany

  • Founding 2003: FATH Inc. in Orlando, FL, USA

  • Founding 2007: FATH Machine Components Ltd. in Shanghai, China

  • Founding 2007: FATH Components Kft. in Budaörs, Hungary

  • Founding 2010: Components Ltd. in Aldershot, United Kingdom

  • Founding 2012: FATH Components BV in Venlo, Netherlands

  • Founding 2016: FATH Mechatronics GmbH in Spalt, Germany

  • Founding 2020: FATH do Brasil Ltda. in São Paulo, Brasil
  • Founding 2020: FATH Inc. in Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico

FATH Components

  • Headquarters: Gewerbepark Hügelmühle 31, D-91174 Spalt

  • Managing directors: Wido Fath, Mirko Jan Fath

  • Employee: Approximately 240 employees in Germany, around 350 worldwide

  • Sales partners: Orlando FL, Shanghai, Budaörs, Aldershot, Mexiko, São Paulo, Venlo

  • Distributors: 34 sales partners in 22 countries