FATH manufactures a unique variety of engineering components for all aluminum profile settings and offers forward - looking solutions for lean production.


FATH connects.


The FATH components program offers you well-thought-out, flexible and cost-efficient solutions for many applications – in machine construction, production equipment industrial enclosures as well as in the area of LEAN production and customized developments.

With FATH’s connection technology, complex and individual frame or rack structures can be realized easily from aluminum profiles. The system independence of FATH components allows to connect aluminum profiles of the same or a different system..

FATH’s Industrial Hardware Program holds a variety of components in the areas of hinges, handles, leveling feet as well as holding and sealing technology for many applications in building and machine construction ready.

The addition of FATH components with the program LEAN 4.0 comprising the areas of visualization, material flow/intralogistics and digital C-parts management is our response to your extended needs due to the accelerated market changes. 30 years of international production and market experience, a network of practical knowledge and digital expertise are joined in trendsetting concepts.

The combination of FATH products and services supports you in the design of efficient production, assembly and supply chain processes. Fairness, honesty and reliability are the fundamental values of our FATH Group – at the German headquarters in the Franconian Lake District and worldwide.

You and FATH: A good connection

We accompany you during the ongoing optimization of your working environment.

How can we support you?




We provide system houses with matching components for each profile - no matter which system you use.

We complete your modular system by customizing our components to your specific requirements, at a good price and with minimal effort. You can seamlessly combine all parts for mechanical engineering and the installation of workplace systems—for all applications, from the machine frame to the protective housing.





Designers and project engineers have access to the market’s largest standard product range of components for aluminum profile systems, meaning they can meet almost any special requirement for the manufacture of special purpose machinery.

The portfolio also features in-house designed FATH products that unite aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony. These customized pieces, such as ergonomic handles, stylish leveling feet, and many others, take every system to the next level.






We help workshops to modify, expand, and optimize machines and to continuously improve their procurement and work processes. Are you using different aluminum profiles? We provide advice to find a solution. With FATH components you will be able to create a working system with all machines and assembly work stations. Moreover you can achieve an efficient warehousing by stocking FATH replacement parts - fully compatible with parts of various manufacturers.


A clever combination of efficient products and solutions to streamlining your work processes—simply lean!



LEAN 4.0

Lean! That’s our understanding of optimizing warehouse, logistics and production – by using simple and economic measures. FATH provides therefore practical and future - oriented products, analog and digital. Exactly harmonized with your requirements and processes.





Uncompromising quality. Is that your motto? It’s ours too!FATH engineering components offers the essential details, which are the result of practical experience and our clear sense of your requirements. Elaborated, practical, solid.

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Just imagine that your frequently-used components would be on stock, in perfect order and immediately available. A digital assistant registers your consumption, orders autonomously and takes inventory. An efficiently C-parts management will become reality with FATH's modular storange and assistence system.

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