Base PA BDH for Swivel Feet, Ball Joint 15, Black

  • Model: Plastic PA, without bolt-down holes
  • Description: A swiveling leveling foot which can be fixed to the floor
  • Specials: ESD electrostatical discharging, other sizes, other colors, bolt-on or glued anti-slip plate on request;
    as factory assembled leveling foot on request
  • Tip: Compatible threaded rod see 098DM08025M et sq. and 098DM08025E et sq.,
    Compatible nut see 4DIN439BM5M et sq. and 4DIN934M5M et sq.,
    Compatible anti-slip plate see 098DG030 et sq.;
    * Bolt-down holes closed
  • Material: Plastic PA, glass ball reinforced
  • Color: Black
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