Friction Joint M90H for System Arm (Set)

  • Model: 45 mm modular dimension
  • Description: Connection joint with friction for the creation of system arms using profile pieces; pivotable 360°;
    friction joint can be attached lateral, transverse, or on the face of the profile; if attached on the front face, the core hole of the respective profile must be M8 threaded (min. 15 mm deep)
  • Material: Housing: Aluminum die-cast
    Cover ring: Plastic
    Inserts: Steel
    Friction shaft: Steel
    Cover caps: Plastic
    Screws: Steel
    Washers: Steel
    Centering plates: Aluminum die-cast
    T-slot nuts: Steel
  • Surface: Housing: Laquered
    Centering plates: Laquered
    Screws: Zinc plated
    Washers: Zinc plated
    T-slot nuts: Zinc plated
  • Color: Housing: Alu color
    Cover ring: Gray ≈ RAL 7042
    Cover caps: Gray ≈ RAL 7042
    Centering plates: Alu color
  • Set: 1 friction joint
    4 cover caps
    4 screws DIN 912 - M8 x 45 (for T-slot nut)
    4 screws DIN 912 - M8 x 50 (for core hole)
    4 washers 8-FSt
    4 centering plates
    4 T-slot nuts - slot 8 - M8
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