Grab Tray 105 x 130 x 50 for Profil Slot (Set)

  • Model: Slot 8, 10
  • Description: To provide hardware and small parts on sorting area for selective grabbing of smallest components; simple assembly by swiveling into the profile slot; the clearly visible label area enables secure part identification
  • Specials: Other colors on request
  • Material: Grab tray standard version: Plastic PA, glass fiber reinforced
    Grab tray ESD electrostatical discharging version: Plastic PA, carbon fiber reinforced
    Label window: Plastic PC
    Label: Carton 250 g/m²
    Bumper: Plastic PU, ≈ 65-70 Shore A
  • Color: Grab tray: Black, yellow, red, green, gray
    Label window: Transparent
  • Set: 1 grab tray,
    1 label window,
    1 label,
    4 bumper, self-adhesive
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