Guiding Rail FIFO (Set)

  • Model: Aluminum, anodized
  • Description: For guiding floor dollys on one side in FIFO stations, with a wheel width of up to 40 mm
    with 2 slots at the top, bottom and sides; to extend two guiding rails, connect them face to face with connecting strip in the slots; sign posts can be mounted in the slot from above
  • Tip: For cut: To order, please replace "xxxx" in the part number by the required length in mm, e.g. "0350" for 350 mm or "2000" for 2000 mm
    Compatible connecting strip see 096060S02
    Compatible infeed cap for guiding rail FIFO (set) see 02082CCS01
    Compatible cover profiles see 092080
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Surface: Anodized
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