Product Portrait Components for Belt Conveyors

Easy to build it yourself:
modular design principle based on components from FATH


With the modular system from FATH, you can easily and flexibly configure and build complete belt conveyors with just a few modules. All four variants are based on standard aluminum profiles with modular dimensions 40 or optionally with slot 10 or slot 8. The belt conveyors are operated with a head drive or center drive. The clever modular system based on components enables you to position yourself using your aluminum profiles as a manufacturer of belt conveyors. Conveyor technology for logistics & packaging and mechanical engineering:


FATH Belt Conveyors based on components can be used in a variety of ways and are an ideal solution, particularly in the areas of logistics and packaging as well as in classic mechanical engineering. They are used to transport and distribute bulk material. In mechanical engineering, the belt conveyors are the basis for pick & place tasks and material feed as well as for logistical tasks such as the transport of parts.


  • High-quality component base


  • Flexibility in design


  • Two sizes


  • Head drive or center drive


  • Easy assembly


  • Low maintenance

Components for Belt Conveyor

Added value for your customers:
low maintenance – long life cycle

Your customers will benefit from a long service life with low maintenance costs thanks to the robust belt conveyor components and simple mechanics. Completely replaceable modules and components make maintenance easier. When production requirements change, the standard components can be easily used for other belt conveyor configurations.

Belt conveyor for light and medium loads

Build belt conveyors with a length of up to 6 meters and a load of 75 kg or 12 meters and a load of 150 kg, depending on the selected profile size 40x40 mm or 40x80 mm. You can also be flexible in terms of width: You can equip the belt conveyors with belt widths of 200, 400, 600, 800 or 1000 mm. This means that virtually all requirements for transporting small and medium-heavy loads and for uphill and downhill gradients can be met.

Thanks to the intelligent modular system, you can adapt your belt conveyors precisely to your customers’ production processes.



FATH configurator:
What you need to build your belt conveyor

To configure your belt conveyor, all you need to do is specify the dimensions of the conveyor (and your aluminum profile). As well as the type of drive. These specifications depend on the specific application. The FATH configurator will immediately show you what you need to design your belt conveyor. On request, FATH will create a parts list with all the necessary components.


Easy installation:
Build your belt conveyor in just a few steps


FATH Belt Conveyors are designed to be easily assembled and installed with a few simple tools:

  • Assemble aluminum frame from aluminum profiles
  • Fasten the top plate to the frame
  • Attach the deflection units
  • Insert the drive unit
  • Tighten the belt
  • Done!


The individual components for the belt conveyor


To build a belt conveyor, you only need a few FATH components:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Topplatte
  • Diverter unit
  • Drive unit
  • Belt
  • Route supports


Belt Conveyor

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