Produktportrait eTRIKE Platform Scooter

Efficient transportation of people and materials in plant logistics and production


With the eTRIKE Platform Scooter, you can effortlessly cover long distances indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its sturdy base, the electric transport and company scooter offers an approved total weight of up to 350 kg. This corresponds to a payload of approx. 255 kg for the PLS 135 model and approx. 220 kg for the PLS 175. Thanks to its slim design, it slips smoothly through doors or narrow aisles and can even travel in passenger elevators. Transport processes in industrial environments can be significantly accelerated with the practical 3-wheel scooter - while at the same time optimizing the deployment of personnel.

  • Range approx. 40 km, programmable Vmax from 8 to 15 km/h 
  • Flexible use thanks to configurable transport surface
  • Particularly maneuverable and compact:
    Fits through any door with a width of 780 mm 
  • No driving license requirement
  • Available with road approval
  • Own coloring possible
  • Production in Germany
  • Maintenance-free lead gel battery with extremely long service life

Road approval for even more flexibility

The combination of compactness and road approval enables a new type of electric mobility for efficient everyday work. Are your business premises separated by public roads? This is no obstacle with the optional road approval. Approved with a small insurance license plate, your employees can cross roads, footpaths, cycle paths and pedestrian zones. This simplifies the networking of decentralized storage and operating sites.


Simple operation - and completely safe

No driving license is required for operation, only a minimum age of 15 years. We recommend categorizing the vehicle internally as an industrial truck. This makes the eTRIKE Platform Scooter a vehicle for almost everyone in the company. Thanks to its low center of gravity, it offers a high level of stability. With simple accessories such as an anti-slip mat, mirror or LED rotating beacon, you can ensure even greater safety. The PLS 135 compact version is suitable for cellars and elevators, as there is no risk of fire from the lead gel battery. And to make things even easier for you, we can carry out maintenance on the eTRIKE for you on request.


Climate-friendly e-mobility and energy recovery

The eTRIKE Platform Scooter manages the balancing act between efficiency and sustainability. With its 1000 watt wheel hub motor, it covers long distances on the store floor and the entire company premises quickly and whisper-quietly - exhaust-free and without harmful emissions. Good for the ecological footprint and employee health. Thanks to energy recovery during braking, the eTRIKE consumes particularly little power and can cover a distance of over 40 kilometers.


Configuration as required

The eTRIKE Platform Scooter is available in the compact PLS 135 version and as the PLS 175 model with a larger loading area, which offers sufficient space for cardboard boxes, Euroboxes, tools or goods. We have a range of practical accessories for customizing your scooter: tablet holder, rotating beacon, special attachments and much more.



Would you like to get to know the FATH eTRIKE platform scooter better?



LED Headlight Set


LED Taillight Set


Bluespot Set


LED-Set Beacon Light


Seat with Armrest and Safety Belt


Side Mirror


Tablet Holder


Toolbox Metal or Plastic


Impact Protection for eTRIKE black

Optionally with individual coloring

As standard, the eTRIKE Platform Scooter cruises through the halls in the color combination black and silver. For users with high demands on the company's corporate design, we offer a different color selection on request.


Assembly on request

Whether in maintenance, intralogistics or facility management - there are no limits to the applications. We customize the design and build the eTRIKE Platform Scooter according to your needs. The development expertise is bundled at the headquarters in Spalt and production takes place in Germany, which enables rapid implementation.

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Technical Expert eTRIKE

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