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Kanban Label Holders And Envelopes

Identify storage containers quickly and easily with FATH's KANBAN label holders and envelopes

KANBAN label holders for instant identification of containers

  • Self-adhesive
  • Magnetic
  • For hanging over
  • KANBAN Clip document holder with extremely strong clamping ability
  • KANBAN label holder as per VDA standard
  • Scanner readable

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LEAN 4.0 and PVC-free: Effective container identification and greater sustainability

The FATH KANBAN label holders are part of the PVC-free LEAN product family of FATH – products which allow you to design your production and logistics processes to be more efficient and leaner while helping to protect the environment at the same time. Instead of the problematic PVC material, plastics with extremely high strengths are used as well as a proportion of recycling material. LEAN products are UV-resistant, extremely durable and free from harmful substances.

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Magnetic, self-adhesive or for hanging over

Made of transparent, hard-wearing plastic, FATH's KANBAN label holders are available in magnetic, self-adhesive and hang-over versions, all of which are available in different formats. This allows you to label almost any load carrier, container or lattice box with little effort. The transparent plastic allows scanners to read the inserted documents without difficulty.


FATH's KANBAN label holders versions and attachment options

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Large label holders – self-adhesive or magnetic

The self-adhesive KANBAN label holders are easily affixed to load carriers and remain attached to the object. They are suitable for labeling containers such as Euro boxes, SLCs, etc. Since the front foil has a beveled edge, the labels can be exchanged at any time with a single movement. The self-adhesive KANBAN label holders are characterized by a unique multi-use feature: adhesive can be removed in one piece while sticking to the label holder, which can then be re-attached somewhere else. The adhesive can be used on plastics, metal, glass and all plain surfaces.

With stable magnetic strips attached to the back, the magnetic version is suitable for metal containers and many other ferrous surfaces.

Large label holders – self-adhesive or magnetic

KANBAN label holders – for hanging over

Overhanging KANBAN label holders are fabricated in a single piece and are simply placed on the container edge. They can be removed again at any time. Due to its standardized dimensions, this version offers an excellent clamping ability and the containers remain stackable without any limitations. It offers a practical solution for labeling Euro boxes, plastic crates, etc. which need to be cleaned frequently, for example.

KANBAN label holders – for hanging over

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Small KANBAN label holders – self-adhesive with clip function and very strong clamping ability

The practical KANBAN clip document holders need to be affixed just once and are suitable for all containers with a non-laminating surface as well as for pallet feet. Insert documents such as material cards or item information cards into the label holders and you instantly have a clear identification of the materials. The KANBAN Clip document holder can be affixed to the inside of the container when necessary in the case of grab containers and semi-open front storage containers. Since re-labeling can be completed in seconds, KANBAN clip document holders are the perfect solution for frequent document changes.

FATH's KANBAN clip document holders offer an extra advantage: Thanks to its particularly strong clamping ability, this document holder is also excellent for thick Kanban cards.

Small KANBAN label holders – self-adhesive with clip function and very strong clamping ability

KANBAN envelopes as per VDA standard – open at the top or side

FATH's KANBAN envelopes are extremely easy to use – simply insert or remove document in an instant. They comply with VDA standard 4902 and can be instantly inserted into the pre-assembled bracket on containers, such as SLCs. Ideally suited for production time cycles.

Documents or cardboard inserts are protected against dirt and moisture in the FATH's KANBAN envelope version with an opening at the side. Documents remain legible even in production environments containing humid or oily air where processes such as turning, milling, grinding, or drilling take place.

Kanban envelopes

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