Product Portrait Organizer Utensilo

Order and ergonomics:
the FATH UTENSILO keeps markers, caps and erasers neatly tucked away and within easy reach


The FATH UTENSILO is the clever storage solution for all the tools you need to work effectively on a whiteboard. Board markers, caps, cleaning agent and erasers are neatly stored and are always handy where you need them. The rear-mounted magnets make it easy to attach the UTENSILO to any magnetic whiteboard.
This practical aid will also sit securely on machines or other magnetic surfaces. Both right-handed and left-handed users can intuitively manage the UTENSILO. Simply turn the top part 180°, reposition the holder for the pump bottle – and you’re ready with the version that is optimally adapted to the needs of left-handed users.

The FATH UTENSILO comes with four board markers (in black, blue, red and green), an erasing felt and a pump bottle with cleaning liquid. As needed, erasing felts can be reordered in a package of 20.
You can equip the board markers with felt if you wish. This makes it easy to make small quick corrections effortlessly while writing by turning the marker over. The FATH UTENSILO comes in neutral gray, similar to RAL 7042.


  • For all magnetic whiteboards

  • Fixed slots for four markers
  • Marker caps stowed tightly
  • For right-handed and left-handed users
  • Dry erasing with highly absorbent erasing felt
  • Self-adhesive erasing felts for quick and easy replacement




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Clever holder:
Markers remain handy – caps safely stowed away

The UTENSILO has four marker slots. What’s so special: The holders are designed so that a marker can be removed with one hand by a slight twisting movement. The rotation locks the cap in the holder and keeps it safely in place. You hold only the marker and close it again after use by simply inserting and turning it in the UTENSILO. No searching for the cap, no drying out of the marker, no accidental insertion! To remove the marker completely, simply turn it a little further and pull out the marker including the cap.


Accessories – lean and sustainable

With these accessories, you can restock the FATH UTENSILO over and over again – lean and sustainably:

  • Whiteboard markers, set of 4, black

  • Whiteboard marker, set of 4, colored (blue, red, yellow, green)

  • Cleaning felts

  • Cleaning agent

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Sophisticated board eraser for dry and wet cleaning

The flat, ergonomically shaped board eraser fits comfortably in your hand. To clean the whiteboard, simply apply an erasing cloth with a high absorption capacity by pressing it onto the sponge element. Thanks to the adhesive layer on the back, it adheres without slipping and can be removed without residues after use. The fibers of the wafer-thin felts absorb the marker color with a light wiping. The sponge acts as a holder, is protected, remains clean and does not need to be cleaned separately. For heavy or stubborn soiling, the UTENSILO also has a cleaning fluid in a pump bottle. The quick-drying cleaning liquid prevents dripping while cleaning.

The board eraser fits seamlessly on the upper part of the UTENSILO but will also stick separately exactly where it is needed.

The perfect pair: FATH UTENSILO and FATH Visual Board with enameled surface

Thanks to its closed surface, the enameled FATH Visual Board is extremely resilient and particularly easy to clean – simply by dry wiping, without any residue. In combination with the FATH UTENSILO, you have available a durable, practical and easy to manage visualization solution.

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