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Roller Tracks

Roller tracks for manual work piece transfer – built with FATH components!


  • FATH roller track system for aluminum and steel profiles
  • Modular system design for flexible application
  • Mounting in the track profile without tools and from above
  • Different roller shapes for any application
  • Available in four colors and as ESD version
  • Extensve accessories range
Rollers grey

Rollers R28 are also supplied with flange for lateral guidance.

Roller unit green

The roller unit R9 has very small center distance and a maximum number of axles. It is designed to build tracks running smoothly with minimum vibrations. It provides a reduced point load on the good and is perfect for use with very soft cardboard boxes and coarsely built wooden boxes.

roller red

With multi-colored rollers, level marks can be realized, e.g. for Kanban applications.

roller yellow

Ball roller and brush units provide for the possibility to move goods in two directions, even transversely to the track direction, e.g. at track switches and material locks.


All units are available as electrostatic discharging version.

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End plates close the end face of the track profile safely, provide a defined end stop, and allow for the attachment of buffer stops.

Compatible holding brackets in different versions connect with the tubular frame system D28.

Kanban Shelf

Kanban Shelf

Mobile Kanban Shelf

Mobile Kanban Shelf

Shelf Trolley

Shelf Trolley

Conveyor Line

Conveyor Line

From now on, FATH offers a collection of different transport units and accessories for aluminum as well as steel roller track profiles. Assembly of the units in the aluminum profile can be done easily form above and without tools. You have the choice between different rollers, ball rollers, brush and slide units.
All units can be freely combined.

There are different roller shapes available for different applications, each designed to meet special requirements regarding running smoothness, center distance and load capacity.


Economical solution

The roller track XST. It is available as a bundle of 12 in a length of two metres. Since there is no additional freight surcharge, you benefit from significantly lower logistics costs. The holders for the roller track ST can be used for the roller track XST.


With the Roller Track I 60x24 you have the same advantages as with the roller track XST.

With its extremely flat design, the Roller Track I 60x24 has been designed for the transport of heavier goods with low space requirements. Carbon fiber reinforced rollers ensure high impact durability. The roller material also allows for higher angles of tilt without the transported goods picking up too much speed. Due to the antistatic design, the roller rail can also be used for sensitive products.

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