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The PVC-free FATH Message Frames are usable on both sides and can be attached without tools. The versatile attachment options make them a multifunctional tool for labeling in production, warehouse and logistics. For very high requirements, the stable and valuable variant - the FATH Sign Holders with aluminium base body - is the ideal solution. 

  • For A3 and A4 printouts
  • Both sides can be used - portrait and landscape
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Anti-reflective film
  • Easy to attach without tools
  • PVC-free product 
Message Frames

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Easy and flexible mounting 

With the FATH Message Frames, all areas in production, warehouse, and logistics can be marked easily and expediently. Due to the double-sided usability, different information can also be provided on each side.  

You can print your information documents on a standard printer and immediately insert them behind the A3 / A4 format film - no cutting or alignment is necessary. Since the film is closed on one side, the printout can be securely positioned with a single hand movement and cannot slip. The film completely encloses the printout, so that the paper is well protected.

The border of the message frame is narrow – the entire information area of the A3 / A4 printout is visible. The flexible transparent film makes handling particularly efficient. At the same time, the frame offers the necessary rigidity to give the signage a high level of dimensional stability and to keep the paper completely legible.

The different frame colors allow you to implement the signage according to your individual color standard.


Visual management made easy

The versatile attachment options make the FATH Placard Holder a multifunctional visualization tool. Different clips are available for quick mounting. Simply clip onto the frame and hang, stick, pin or magnetically attach the signage to the shelf crossbar - with the right accessories, your signage will be affixed to almost any supporting structure and in any environment in seconds. To change the format, simply reposition the clip. The locking clip included in the set secures the film and the print against slipping, whatever the orientation. 

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FATH Message Frames can be used for almost any application thanks to the extensive range of signage accessories. Hanging the frame above areas, machines or bays is the simplest way to achieve visualization. The use of a knotted chain and plastic hooks allows for flexible labeling at any height. The Message Frame can be attached directly to machines or shelves using magnetic holders. Whether portrait or landscape format, FATH accessories can be attached in both orientations. The different frame colors allow assignment to your existing color coding system.

Closing Clip

Closing Clip

For closing message frames, prevents transparent foil from falling out

Part-Number 02042CC

Hanging Hook

Hanging Hook

For fast and easy hanging of message frames; Easy swap of message frames due to open hooks

Part-Number 02042HH

Swivel Loop

Swivel Loop

For fast and easy hanging of message frames; Secure hanging due to closed loop, 360° rotatable

Part-Number 02042SE



For fast and easy hanging of message frames

Part-Number 02042SH

Tube Clamp

Tube Clamp

For durable mounting of message frames; Easy to attach to tubes and tubular frame profiles with Ø 28 mm - 30 mm outer diameter

Part-Number 02042PC

Swivel Magnet Holder

Swivel Magnet Holder

For hanging message frames; Fast and easy mounting with integrated magnet, 360° rotatable

Part-Number 02042MH

Aluminum Tube (Set)

Aluminum Tube (Set)

To hang up message frames with pipe clamps, several message frames can be attached next to another; Helpful visualization even in greater hights

Part-Number 02042AT

Knotted Chain

Knotted Chain

For durable and easy hanging of message frames; Easy shortening of the chain

Part-Number 02042KC

Ceiling Magnet with Hook

Ceiling Magnet with Hook

For hanging message frames; Fast and easy mounting with integrated magnet

Part-Number 02042CM

Stable and high-quality variant: FATH Sign Holder with aluminum body

For applications that demand high stability and a high-quality appearance, FATH Sign Holders with a solid aluminum body are the ideal solution. They can be mounted on all profile-based fixtures in a few simple steps - independent of the system and in all dimensions: from above, from below, and from the side. If necessary, eyebolts can also be used to suspend the sign holders from the ceiling. This means that they can also be used in warehouses and logistics.

The aluminum base body gives the FATH Sign Holder sufficient weight and rigidity to remain stable and virtually free of movement in the desired position. The PVC-free, oil-resistant plastic surface is easy to wipe clean and withstands rigorous use. These outstanding product features ensure clear labeling on the shop floor under almost any condition.

This variant is also designed to allow quick change of signage at any time and to hold your printouts securely in the Sign Holder - without slipping or overhanging. Two cover caps for closing the sides are included.

FATH Sign Holders can be reused and remounted as often as necessary - a sustainable LEAN product.


Sign Holder


Even more flexible with FATH Friction Joints

Highly flexible alignment of FATH Sign Holders is achieved through the use of FATH Friction Joints. This means that the Sign Holders can be turned and tilted exactly as the work process requires – without tools and with a single hand movement. Friction causes the Sign Holder to be held firmly in the desired position. This application is also ideal for signaling.

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Friction Joints


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