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Swivel Castors With Lifting Foot

Move loads quickly and safely with the FATH swivel castors with lifting foot

The ingenious 2-in-1 component for easy movement and safe positioning

  • Lift lever ratio up to 1:20 - 200 kg with only 10 kg of effort
  • Flush for profile systems with modular dimensions 40 and 45
  • Completely protective covered foot pedal
  • Generously dimensioned leveling foot for stable standing 

Movement and stability. The FATH swivel castor with lifting foot combines these two functions in an ingenious way: Jack up the leveling foot with the foot pedal, roll the object to the new position, lower the leveling foot - done!


Full mobility for loads and at the same time safe standing when working

The FATH swivel castor with lifting foot is the practical combination of a FATH leveling foot and a Blickle swivel castor.

It is permanently mounted on the object and allows you to move your heavy systems and equipment on industrial floors at any time - without an industrial truck or tools.

The high-quality Blickle swivel castors allow driving in any direction, ergonomically and effortlessly. This makes moving loads easier than ever before! Time-consuming assembly and dismantling of machines, assembly tables, measuring stations, working platforms, stairs etc. is no longer necessary.

The perfect solution for everything that needs to be moved frequently and still stand securely - for example on the castors in a parking position or at a temporary location and on the leveling feet for work that needs to be done.

Due to the high lever ratio of up to 1:20, you only need a force of 10 kg to lift 200 kg.

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Stable position on leveling feet - with one step

Once in the desired position, the castors can simply be lifted again using the practical lifting mechanism. Then the devices or equipment stand safely and vibration-reduced on the leveling feet - and not on a roller blocked by a brake. The FATH swivel castors with lifting foot, manufactured with solid steel parts, ensure a stable stand even under heavy loads.


Highest stability even with heavy loads - thanks to strong leveling foot M12 thread.

The articulated base is height-adjustable and adapts to uneven floors. With a large diameter of 50 millimetres, the leveling foot plate offers ideal load spreading and additionally increased stability.

A hole pattern with heart - and mind! Flush mounting on different T-slotted profiles

FATH has developed a special heart-shaped hole pattern for the mounting holes in the mounting plate of the swivel castor with lifting foot, which makes it possible to mount it on totally different profile frames and profile corners - with a completely flush edge finish without sticking out of the mounting plate. This looks elegant and is safe. Also attractive: the paint finish of the housing matches the anodized aluminum profile.

The FATH swivel castors with lifting foot are ideally suited for modular dimensions 40 and 45, and also for rectangular profiles 40x80 and 45x90.

This is how safety gets into movement

FATH swivel castors with lifting foot not only save a lot of time when repositioning work equipment, they also improve safety in the production area. Safety risks associated with disassembly and manual transport are avoided. Shoes and feet are well protected when the standing/rolling function is changed, thanks to the complete plastic covering of the foot pedal's tread area. The screwed-on anti-slip plate on the leveling foot plate prevents the lifting foot from slipping and at the same time protects the floor.

Wide range of applications: Stage free for creative use

With the double function of the FATH swivel castors with lifting foot you create a great effect. The adaptation to new production processes can thus be easily optimized. Moving systems, providing heavy equipment, storing temporarily unneeded loads and much more is simple and much faster than with conventional methods. An advantage for flexibility and efficiency in production - and far beyond.

The application areas of the clever FATH swivel castors with lifting foot are almost unlimited. What do you want to move?

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Possible combinations of profiles (slot 8 and 10)



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