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System Arms

Ergonomic positioning at the workplace in no time – with FATH System Arms


System Arms from FATH enable ergonomic positioning at the workplace in no time at all. Monitors, tool holders, grab trays, container attachments or trays for the provision of workpieces are held steadily in place. All system arms consist of friction joints with a permanently set friction torque and six different levels available for each joint. This means that the mobility can be adapted to fit any need. The system arms are delivered fully assembled ready for direct use at the work table.

Two different types are available: the system arm with 370 mm reach and the double system arm with 695 mm reach. Both types are available in the light version I40L and in the two heavy versions I40H and I80H.

System Arm



  • Different connections at the end of the system arms
  • Connection to profiles with horizontal or vertical slots
  • Friction joints with fixed friction torque in six levels
  • Easy adjustment depending on need
  • Connection adapter and friction joints can be rotated 360°

Wide range of connection options and optimal ergonomics

Design your assembly workstations ergonomically and achieve higher productivity. Up to four different connections at the end of the system arms provide a wide range of connection options. System Arms from FATH are ready for use with connection adapters – for stable connection to profiles with a horizontal or vertical slot.

As well as with friction joints or double friction joints for flexible extension of the swivel arm. It is possible to attach a work tool if the system arm is extended by a monitor support. The connection adapter and the friction joints can be rotated 360°.

FATH System Arms with 370 mm reach:

System arm with monitor support

I40L 370 with monitor support

System arm with double friction joint

I40H 370 with double friction joint

System arm with connection adapter

I80H 370 with connection adapter

FATH Double System Arms with 695 mm reach:

Double System Arm with friction joint

I40L 695 with friction joint

double system arm with monitor support

I40H 695 with monitor support

double system arm with connection adapter

I80H 695 with connection adapter

Construct your own system arms

FATH Friction Joints allow you to build your swivel arms in individual lengths and designs to fit your needs and requirements. In addition to the joints with fixed friction torque in six levels, versions with freely adjustable friction torque are available. All FATH Friction Joints can be attached to the profile lengthwise, crosswise or on the front. This gives you full flexibility for your tailor-made design.

You want to build your individual system arms?

Find out about the single components from the friction joint to the connection adapter.



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