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Tubular Frame Connectors D28

Versatile, Safe and Easy: FATH Connectors for Tubular Frame Profiles D28


After only a short period of time the Tubular Frame System D28 has proved successful for the construction of custom structures for workplaces, material shuttles, shelves, and flow racks. Planning and assembly is easy, due to the need for only a few standard parts and because the Poka Yoke principle is being applied. The Japanese term “Poka Yoke” literally means “to avoid inept moves”.

It refers to the ability of a system to show mistakes in use or handling immediately and clearly visible or palpable. Thus, by means of the special shape of the customary D28 profiles, and thanks to the perfect adaption of the FATH connectors to it, you can make, in a trice, solid and torsion-proof connections which can be easily detached whenever you want.

You can cut to length the profiles by yourself, no special precision is required – our connectors compensate for tolerances in length or cutting angle and uneven cuts to a certain degree.

The FATH connectors and accessories for tubular frame profiles D28, as the profiles themselves, can be reassembled and re-used, and they are perfectly fit for long-term use for many years. That way, you can plan and realize ecological and economic solutions for your production, fast and easy.




FATH Connectors d28 are provided all as completely pre-assembled sets, ready to use. each part can be installed direct from the pack, without any need for preparation work.

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Set Corner Connector 2D28

Part # 099RV28ES01


Set Ball Connector D28

Part # 099RV28KS01


Set Angle Connector D28, 45°

Part # 099RV2845S01


Set T-Connector D28

Part # 099RV2890LS01


Set Angle Connector 2D28

Part # 099RV2890QS01


Set Cross Connector D28

Part # 099RV28XS01


Set Parallel Clamp D28

Part # 099RV28180S01


Set Parallel Connector D28

Part # 099RV28PS01


Set Adapter Plate D28
Part # 099RVAP40S01


Set T-Connector D28, Slot 10
Part # 099RV28TS01


Set Threaded Sleeve D28
Part # 099RV28AS01


Cover Cap D28
Part # 099RV28CC01

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