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Flexible, secure, uncomplicated: FATH Connectors for Tubular Frame Profiles D28 and D30


Due to their special geometry (dovetail shape), the aluminum round tube systems D28 and D30 are particularly efficient. With FATH connectors, you can create twist-resistant and stable connections for these round tube systems in a few simple steps. This results in a positive connection that provides long-term strong support. You can cut the tubular frame profiles to length yourself. Particular precision is not necessary, since the FATH connectors compensate to some degree for length tolerances, angular errors and uneven cuts.


Thanks to the wide variety of connectors and functions, you can implement the right structure for almost all requirements. The planning of individual structures for workstations, material trolleys, shelves, material feeds, etc. is easy due to the small number of required parts, and the assembly can be done quickly.


In the industrial production environment, requirements or the workplace can change at any time. FATH connectors for aluminium tubular frame profiles D28 & D30 can be quickly removed and reused, just like the profiles themselves. This offers maximum flexibility for your designs in industrial production – an economical solution that also scores points in terms of sustainability. FATH connectors are delivered ready for use as a completely pre-assembled set and can be installed directly.


  • 90° connection
  • Connection from 40x40 to D28/D30
  • Corner connection
  • Parallel connection
  • Ball connector inside and outside
  • X connector45° connection
  • Crosspieces

Tubular Frame Connectors
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Multifunctional plate fastening for tubular frame profiles

Multifunctional plate fastening from FATH enables surface elements to be fastened to a tubular frame profile with an outside diameter of 30 mm in a variety of ways: bottom front, tubular frame profile flush to a surface element, any position on a surface element bottom or top front. The fixing clamp D30 (set) consists of two components, a basic element and height compensation. You can use the basic element individually or simply screw it together with the height compensation if necessary. The tubular frame profile is then completely enclosed. Individual designs for almost any requirement can be built quickly and easily – from splash guards to cladding.

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Table brackets
A large selection of mounting options for table plates are available:

  • Table plate attachments
  • Table plate attachment flap
  • Parallel clamp
  • Table attachment
  • Plate attachment

Roller conveyor
Attachment brackets are available in various versions as well as for the two different versions of steel roller conveyor and aluminum rail:

  • Attachment without end stop
  • Attachment with end stop
  • Mounting bracket
  • Attachment with high end stop
  • Variable brackets

Flexible & multifunctional:

The connectors for tubular frame profiles D28 and D30 are available in many versions. Here is a glimpse into the available connectors:


Ball Connector


Threaded Sleeve


Angle Connector


Mounting Bracket


Adapter Plate


Cover Caps

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