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The surfaces of all FATH Visual Boards are made of enamel – top of the line! A glass-like mixture is applied to the metal surface at temperatures of around 1000 degrees Celsius and then hardened. The result is a surface with special properties. The whiteboard surface is extremely easy to clean by simply wiping it dry. While conventional whiteboards with lacquered surfaces still leave residues from writing after wiping them down, FATH Visual Boards can be cleaned without leaving any residue.

The enameled surfaces are scratch-resistant, extremely resilient and retain their smooth feel over the long term. They remain undamaged even after daily use and repeated writing and wiping. In addition to writing, the entire metal surface can be used with magnets, thus turning the whiteboard into a magnetic board.

The enameled Visual Board panels are also available separately upon customer request. You can build your own whiteboard or magnetic board with custom-fit dimensions. The whiteboard panels are easily framed in your own profile. In addition to wall mounting, specific needs, such as attachment to machines, can also be met.


  • Scratch-resistant enamel surface
  • Permanent protection against marker residue
  • Magnetic over the entire surface
  • Different designs: enamel wall board, mobile enamel board, mobile enamel cube
  • Space-saving and practical designs
  • Enamel panels for customized designs sold separately
Visual Boards

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Three designs for every application and requirement

Each FATH Visual Board design features a metallic whiteboard surface framed in an aluminum 40 x 40 mm profile. Attachments such as monitor supports, keyboard holders, scanner holders, trays or header profiles can be easily integrated. Enamel wall boards can be securely attached to walls and are also suitable for mounting on machine enclosures or shelving systems. Mobile enamel boards are available in a single-sided version as well as a double-sided version with an enamel surface on the front and back.

Enamel wallboard:
easy to attach to aluminum profiles

This design is suitable for mounting on walls as well as attaching on machine enclosures or protective fences. Mounting on aluminum profiles can be completed in a few easy steps using the whiteboard’s 40x40 profile frame. Monitors or warning signal lamps can be attached to the profile exterior. The visible side of the profile is closed.

Enamel Wallboard

Mobile enamel boards:
information flexibly delivered

Mobile enamel boards can be placed anywhere in the room and easily moved around at any time using the framed stand on rollers. The integrated brakes ensure that the boards are held securely in position. This design is ideal when machines are too small to attach wallboards. The mobile enamel boards are also an ideal choice for office areas or supervisor's offices, as their height will fit through any standard door. The structure is the same as that of FATH enamel wallboards. Industrial rollers with brakes are available as an option in the ESD version.

A special added extra: The feet on the visual boards are rubberized on their exterior. The rubber buffer above the rollers protects against injury and damage to walls and doors.



Mobile enamel cube: space-saving miracle on rollers

Thanks to its four enameled sides, the cube-shaped FATH Visual Board provides an incredible amount of space on a small footprint. About one square meter of floor space is required to provide as much information as on a whiteboard almost three meters wide. Since the mobile enamel cube fits through any standard door, it can be placed in any space, from meeting rooms to production and warehouse areas. The space-saving, square design is especially suitable for transportable provision of detailed information and production notices.

The metallic surfaces on the mobile enamel cube are also framed in 40x40 aluminum profiles. The visible sides of the profile are enclosed to protect against contamination and deposits.

Industrial rollers with brakes are optionally available in an ESD version.

Mobile enamel cube

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Accessories for optimal use

With these accessories, you can make optimum use of the FATH Visual Board – lean and sustainably. The individual items can be reordered via the QR code stuck on them.



Board Marker with Felt Eraser (Set)

black, red, blue, green

Cleaning spray for Boardmarker

Cleaning Spray for Board Marker

Refill Felt Pad

Refill Felt Pad for Eraser


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Smart accessories

The FATH Organizer UTENSILO is the perfect addition to your FATH Visual Board. Board markers, cleaning agent and board erasers are neatly stored and are always handy where you need them. A marker is easily removed by twisting, while the cap remains in the UTENSILO and cannot get lost. Thanks to the magnets attached on the back, the UTENSILO sits securely on any magnetically adhesive, smooth surface. Left-handed users can adjust it to their needs by turning it 180°.

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