The FATH Spaces



The space for products and solutions.

The familiar FATH Parts & Solutions product portfolio forms the foundation of our activities, experiences and ideas. It is continuously expanding and consolidating in order to meet the requirements of the markets and actively help shape them.

With our unique FATH PS product worlds, which interact seamlessly with each other, we support our customers with useful and intelligent component and system solutions for excellent value creation on the shopfloor.


FATH Applied Solutions

The space with inspiring solutions on the FATH shopfloor.

Our new products and solutions can be experienced in FATH Experience Factories at our production sites worldwide. This demonstrates the PRODUCTION CULTURE on our shopfloor.

FATH XF – the nucleus for excellent value creation on the shopfloor. In our factories, we use all our products and solutions to boost and sustainably improve production processes as well as test the added value for people in production.

FATH Ecosystem of Ideas

The space as a source for all innovations in the FATH world.

FATH LAB identifies opportunities, problems and potential for improvement then develops useful products and solutions for the interaction between people - machine - material.

FATH LAB works together with various partners (customers, research institutes, sales, development, employees, etc.) to identify, qualify and experience ideas. The result of the work is an idea suggestion that has been evaluated in terms of feasibility and efficiency, which can later lead to a development order.


FATH Knowledge Center

The space for more knowledge, innovation and inspiration – and for a positive working experience.

The FATH Academy centrally prepares the knowledge of the FATH ecosystem and communicates it to customers, employees and partners in order to offer them added value in their work.

FATH AY gives FATH employees and all their customers worldwide the answers to the innovation demands of modern production and enables a fulfilling working life.