Material Provision: Eliminate fractures at FiFo stations

May 5, 2021 3:08:35 PM

Materialbereitstellung-FiFo-Bahnhof | bruchfeste FIFO führungsschienen

It would be unreasonable to think that special attention is paid to end caps and floor rails when loading FiFo stations with fully loaded and heavy transport trolleys. When the rollers of the trolleys hit the end caps during dynamic loading, high forces are generated. Although these also impact on the FiFo rails, the majority is absorbed by the end caps.

Bumping while providing material

Accordingly, the components of FiFo stations have to withstand countless heavy parking bumps in their lifetime. The FiFo rails, or especially their end caps, absorb most of the impacts. Plastics quickly reach their limits and break. The better choice is end caps made of high-strength die-cast aluminum. The toughness and enormous impact resistance of the end caps increase their service life significantly. Another advantage of more durable end caps is the reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

One-track material provision

In order to be able to reduce the costs of FiFo stations in general, some FiFo rails can be laid in single tracks. This results in another plus point for single-track design: an increase in flexibility. In two-lane FiFo tracks, only fit rollers and transport carts with a specific track width. With a single-track design, on the other hand, you are largely independent of track width. In addition, single-track FiFo stations are far more flexible, since transport carriages and ground rollers with different track widths can be used.

Materialbereitstellung | FiFo-Bahnhof | FATH Fifo Führungschienen | Bruchfest


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