monitor mounts: silent pillars of production 4.0

Feb 23, 2021 2:00:00 PM

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Life is becoming more and more digital. This development has been intensified by the Corona pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. But even before the pandemic, ever more aspects of private and professional everyday life were being shifted to the virtual world of bits and bytes. The number of bulletin boards or classified ads in newspapers is reducing, while online platforms offering the same things are growing. Work instructions are increasingly being communicated via digital methods, process slip are filled out virtually.
This has inevitably resulted in demand for screens and monitors. Adjustable monitor mounts are required to enable monitors to be used as functionally and ergonomically as possible.

Essential functions of monitor mounts

Monitor arms are particularly useful in industrial and producing environments, as they are height adjustable, but also take up minimal space. This is key, as the core of the work at assembly and other manual work stations does not take place on the monitor. In these areas, monitors are used for providing information. Monitor mounts must therefore enable the monitors to be adjusted to the relevant work conditions. These conditions depend on the worker to some extent. The activities carried out at the workstation must also be taken into account, however. The employees must be offered maximum ergonomics at the workstation. Both workstations and monitors must be height-adjustable. Height adjustment is particularly easy to achieve with monitors. Many of the monitor mounts available can be easily adjusted by the workers to suit their personal preferences.

Monitor arms for tight workstations in production and assembly

The optimal solution is without a doubt extending monitor arms with the variability this offers. The large working radii have different effects. The further the monitor arm swivels out, the further it can be moved away from the workstation when working with large objects. But it can be positioned so that the assembler can read all information provided easily.
It can sometimes be difficult to mount a monitor mount at the workstation itself. Either because the space available is used so meticulously that adding additional work equipment is impossible or because the workstation was never designed for the provision of digital information. In these cases, swivel arms designed for overhead assembly can make the perfect monitor mounts. These monitor arms require no installation space directly at the workstation. Instead, the mount is fixed in place above the worker and outside the worker's range of motion. As soon as a monitor is required, it can simply be swiveled into the field of vision and action.

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Monitor mounts, monitor arms or monitor swivel arms. There are several options for pushing forward digitalization even at industrial workstations. It's practically impossible to find an ideal solution that works across the board. There are so many aspects to consider that it would be wrong to apply a blanket solution. Each case must therefore be assessed on an individual basis to determine which monitor mount is best suited for the use and conditions.

Discover the monitor solutions from FATH:

FATH Monitor-Schwebearm Sky

FATH Monitor suspension arm SKY

Having a monitor and yet not having it when in doubt. The overhead mounting of the monitor suspension arm SKY allows flexible workstation design. This means that if more space is needed in the work environment, the monitor can simply be moved away upwards.

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FATH Monitor Arbeitsplatz SIT /STAND

FATH Monitor work station SIT /STAND

One for all. A complete monitor workstation can be set up on the FATH SIT/ STAND to save space. Due to the profile mounting, the workstation can be mounted anywhere where aluminum profiles are in use.

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Monitorhalter, höhenverstellbar

Monitor support, height Adjustable

It's the tip. The tip that sets the FATH monitor support 4-/ 5-axis apart from competing products. Due to a new design of the monitor mount, it sits completely clearance-free at the end of the monitor support.

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Monitorhalter + Adapterplatte 40, höhenverstellbar

Monitor Mount + Adapter Plate 40, Height Adjustable

The space-saving alternative to protruding monitor arms. Optimized and designed for mounting on aluminum profiles with the size 40x40mm, this monitor holder meets the VESA standards. With the adapter plate 40, the retrofitted and simple height adjustment of the monitor mount is guaranteed.

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Keyboard Holder AL, Slot 8

Without keyboard and mouse, the usability of computers quickly reaches its limits. The space required by keyboard and mouse cannot be ignored. The aluminum keyboard holder allows the use of input devices while increasing the work surface.

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...even more flexibility when mounting monitors:


Friction joints for system arm

By extending the face side with a system arm 40x80 with friction joint 80H, the new FATH monitor suspension arm SKY achieves an even larger operating radius.

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