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Friction Joints For System Arm

FATH Friction Joints: Endless possibilities for your assembly workstatons


Build your swivel arms in individual lengths and designs with FATH Friction Joints. The joints feature a permanently set friction torque that is available in 6 levels. Combine the different friction torques to adapt your system arm to your application. Versions with freely adjustable friction torque are also available. You can adjust the friction with a clamping lever or simple tool exactly as your application requires – virtually continuously from light to strong.

The axes of the FATH Friction Joints can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. This opens up a wide range of new possibilities for making tools and work materials available in an ergonomic and organized manner.

By a simple turning, the finished system arm can be adapted multi-dimensionally to different working positions and workpiece, product or body sizes.


  • Fixed friction torque in 6 levels


  • Freely adjustable friction torque


  • Easy to assemble


  • Can be mounted lengthwise, crosswise and on the front


  • Finished system arms can be adjust multi-dimensionally


Friction Joints

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Flexible installation

FATH Friction Joints can be attached to the profile lengthwise, crosswise or on the front. The sets already contain the installation material for lateral attachment with T-slot nuts in profile slot 8 or 10 as well as for front attachment on a profile piece with an M8 core hole. To reduce a ø 10.2 mm core hole to thread size M8, you can use a FATH Cutting Bush with Shank 09308801. 

For installation on flat surfaces, the supplied slot fixing plates are simply omitted.

Friction Joints for System Arm

Easy to install and with different versions to suit your needs

Assembling the FATH Friction Joints is incredibly easy. The openings for the fixing screws are easily accessible from the outside – simply insert the screws through the joint halves and tighten the profile in the desired position. The mounting holes of the FATH Friction Joints are hidden with cover caps.

Friction Joints

Optional M8 connection adapter

This stable connection to profiles with slot 8 or slot 10 is ideally suited for the construction of customized solutions. The M8 connection adapter can be attached to the profile both longitudinally and on the front. When using the centering piece, the central M8 screw connection can be secured against twisting. A friction joint half and an assembly set suitable for the profile size are required to install the M8 connection adapter at the end of your system arm.


Available in 7 different versions: with a fixed friction torque of 0.5 Nm, 3 Nm, 6 Nm, 9 Nm, 12 Nm or 15 Nm and with freely adjustable friction torque from light to strong.

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