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Extrusion Profile Plate

FATH: Extrusion Profile Plate:
Unlimited T-Slot Access

Aluminum profiles are becoming more popular and can be used to build almost anything. However, the only disadvantage that they have is that the deflection limits are quickly reached when high loads need to be moved or attached.

Specially drilled steel plates are currently used in applications involving heavy loads. Unfortunately, this leads to reduced flexibility and additional weight being added to the project.

FATH is breaking new ground and has developed a way to produce Aluminum Extrusion Profile Plates.



T-Slots as far as the eye can see

Extrusion Profile Plates have dimensional abilities that are unmatched in the market. Widths of up to 5000 mm and lengths of up to 3440 mm are possible for most applications. In applications where the surface of the extrusion profile plate needs to be anodized, the maximum size will be 1200 mm x 3340 mm.

The extrusion profile plate consists of 200 mm wide segments that are joined together. The thickness of the plate will always be 80mm. Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum end caps are available to finish the end surface of the plates.
Extrusion Profile Plates utilize a 40mm Profile with Slot 8 t-slots and can be used on four sides.

The Extrusion Profile Plate is also suitable for attaching sensitive tools or machines. The high load capacity speaks for itself. In the standard pallet size of 1200 mm x 800 mm, for instance, the Extrusion Profile Plate can carry static loads of up to 2000 kg.

They can be used as an aluminum pallet

The Extrusion Profile Plates can be used as an aluminum slotted pallet and also be customized using many available accessories. Two-part pallet feet are bolted to the underside of the panel and connected using a specially developed skid profile. The plate then looks very similar to a standard Euro pallet. It also offers the same options for transport by forklifts and pallet trucks.



No boundaries: Flexible base

The Extrusion Profile Plate can be used for a wide range of applications.
Would you like to use Cobots for various activities, but you don't want to create a new base plate or drill new mounting holes for every implementation? The Extrusion Profile Plates are suitable as a platform for all types of machines.

Profilplatte als Roboterplattform


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