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Extrusion Profile Plate I8

FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8: Innovative base for highly efficient work

A new product from the FATH LAB – unique on the market in all its dimensions. The FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 is a solution that can greatly simplify work processes in the industrial work environment. Made from lightweight, resilient aluminum profiles, it offers continuous slots on the top, bottom and sides and thereby opens up countless practical application possibilities for production & assembly, warehousing & logistics and the LEAN environment.

Individual constructions: The many slots on the entire surface of the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 result in highly flexible screw-on options. The complete system module for slot I8 is compatible, so you can easily build your construction based on the extrusion profile plate.
Whether as a clamping surface, for transport, as a storage option for special products, as a basis for a protective housing or as a slot wall – there are virtually no limits on ways to use it. Such flexibility is unattainable with wooden or plastic pallets.


  • Slot plate size up to 5000 mm wide and 3340 mm long
  • Can be used as a platform, pallet and large-format clamping plate
  • Very durable, distortion-free and dimensionally stable
  • Natural or anodized aluminum
  • Sturdy aluminum cover caps available as accessories

Unique size: extrusion profile plate up to 5 meters wide

An outstanding feature: Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 can attain a width of 5000 mm!

You can select any width you require in a grid of 200 mm. The standard extrusion profile plate measures 800 mm x 1200 mm with a height of 80 mm. The maximum constructible length is 3340 mm. A FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 in EU pallet size can bear a weight of up to two tons.


Use as a slot pallet, slot platform or large-format slot clamping plate

The following examples show only a fraction of the possibilities – let yourself be inspired.

As a pallet for warehouse & logistics

Choose the size of the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 exactly according to your requirements, and it can become your customized pallet. With a lifting roller or swivel caster, you can turn it into a mobile platform for intralogistics. Made in standard Euro pallet size, the lightweight pallet easily fits into the pallet rack.

The aluminum construction leaves no chips and is suitable for clean rooms. Even pre-produced core components for large machines can be stored cleanly and safely during the construction phase.


For transport

In mechanical engineering, the FATH Extrusion Frofile Plate I8 can bring significantly more efficiency to the manufacturing process. Large workpieces can remain on the extrusion profile plate and be transported in the assembly hall for further processing steps. So you can implement uninterrupted flow production.

Even heavy work machines can be easily moved to where they are needed – securely clamped using the slots on the extrusion profile plate. A wide variety of rollers are available for use as transport trolleys.


As an integrative base plate for machines

The FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 can be used as an assembly platform in mechanical engineering and as the base element for the machine.

The machine can be easily and stably fixed to the many T-slots so that the extrusion profile plate becomes an integral part of the final product.

As workpiece carrier or work table

As a mounting platform or clamping plate for the secure mounting of workpieces, tools, machines or robot arms on the many slots, the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 can be transformed into a customized work and assembly table.

The working height can be individually selected – for greater productivity while at the same time facilitating hand movements.

This is also an advantage in terms of ergonomics! By screwing on rollers underneath the platform, you can easily make this workstation mobile. This means that the device can also support the production of very large products, as large components can be easily moved into the correct position and processed further with less effort.

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Natural or anodized aluminum

In the standard version, the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 is left untreated. This ensures a high level of surface robustness even in harsh environments and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. The extrusion profile plate is also available anodized on request. In this version, a width of up to 1200 mm with a length of 3340 mm is possible.

Accessories: Cover cap and pallet base

Special cover caps were developed for the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8 in the FATH LAB. They are screwed on at the side and securely close off the outer edges. The cover caps are made of aluminum for high durability and maximum stability.

Thanks to the recesses, the slot ends remain free and T-slot nuts and other components can be easily inserted on the front sides.

Special pallet feet, matching skid profiles and cover caps are available for use as a slot pallet.


FATH components for unlimited mobility

Swivel and fixed casters, electric and hydraulic lift casters and lifting foot: FATH offers a full range of components with which you can move virtually any structure based on the FATH Extrusion Profile Plate I8. Choose the right caster for your application. The FATH Lift Caster is suitable for a smaller load. The new FATH Fixed Caster with a 200 mm diameter makes even heavy loads mobile.


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