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LEAN is often met completely unconsciously. Did you know, for example, that even floor markings to keep a distance are part of lean production processes?

The idea behind LEAN production and LEAN management is to avoid unnecessary work steps and thereby increase quality.

We are happy to help you optimize your material flow, reduce storage and produce more efficiently.



Michael Honisch

Head of LEAN 4.0

„Streamline your warehouse, logistics and production - through solutions that are as simple as possible and make economical sense. We support you in visualizing, labeling and optimizing the material flow with LEAN products that we have developed specifically based on the everyday requirements of our customers. I will be happy to show you how to use these products in a clever way and what you can achieve with them!“


LEAN 4.0 - Auf einen Blick

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With FATH LEAN solutions, workflows can be continuously optimized. Self-adhesive floor markings facilitate the marking of areas and routes. Warehouses and logistics can be organized with reusable and self-adhesive or PVC-free container markings. In addition to material provision, material flow also offers unimagined potential that can be awakened with FATH LEAN 4.0


FATH LEAN 4.0 - An overview

LEAN starts in the mind: optimization potential must be identified and exploited. Even small changes, such as floor markings, can improve the structure of production areas. Reusable label holders eliminate the need for time-consuming cleaning of shelves and boxes. Parking and guide rails assign specific positions to transport carts. Precisely fitting floor rollers can improve the internal transport of materials.

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LEAN products help with visualization, labeling and efficient material supply in the warehouse or in production.

Some LEAN products you have to feel - to test and check important properties like "multi-use" or "pvc-free". Take a look at the LEAN sample packages and decide for yourself which products you want to test and feel. Request your free sample package here.

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Tips & tricks around the topic lean


Floor markings for storage and production facilities: Usefull tips!

Whether parking space, hall markings, escape and rescue routes or drive ways: floor markings must withstand the strongest stresses. Temperature changes, driving over with fork lifts and vehicles weighing several tons, should have no influence on visibility, coloring and adhesion. Non-existent or insufficient floor markings are the main reason for missing or incorrectly assigned materials in production, assembly or logistics.

Praktische Tipps: Das sollten Sie beachten, bevor Sie eine Bodenmarkierung anbringen

Useful tips: You may want to consider this before applying a floor marking

You want to apply your color coding system to the floor? Then you should think about the following points.

Nachhaltig: Wiederverwendbare Regalbeschriftung & Behälterkennzeichnung

Sustainable: Reusable shelf labeling & container labeling

FATH makes it easy for you to operate sustainably in your business - with shelf and container labeling for warehouses and intralogistics. The LEAN products are self-adhesive, can be removed completely without leaving any residue and can be reused several times. In addition, they are extremely easy to handle.