Useful tips: You may want to consider this before applying a floor marking

Sep 10, 2020 5:12:34 PM


You want to apply your color coding system to the floor? Then you should take the following points to heart:

Prepare the floor for durable bonding

As for many self-adhesive solutions, this also applies to floor markings: The surface has to be clean and free of grease. Clean the affected floor areas thoroughly and dry them. FATH Floor Markings only adhere ideally to and provide durability on clean and grease-free surfaces.

Sketch positioning

The areas do not have to be marked in advance, e.g. using chalk, as FATH floor markings can be applied directly because of their extraordinary rigidity.

Properly mark aisles and areas

Use uninterrupted and continuous lines to mark aisles. For marking special areas, such as a carton warehouse, it may suffice to mark only the corners. However, you can design it any which way that is efficient for your purposes. In most countries there are no legal requirements in this respect.

Clearly communicate your color coding system

Better safe than sorry! To ensure that every employee and visitor immediately understands your color coding system, even without prior training:  Attach a color legend in a clearly visible place on a hallway wall and at the entrances. This creates a sense of safety and security in the work space and adds to your efforts of effectiveness, occupational safety and optimization.

You would like to find out whether the visualization is sufficiently available and correctly implemented in your company or the area you are responsible for? This checklist will help you to do this.

Download Checklist Floor Marking


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