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Inserting Systems

Efficiently structure production processes and the flow of goods and information with FATH Inserting Systems


FATH Inserting Systems for document sizes DIN A4, DIN A5 and 1/3 DIN A4 are a simple tool for implementing the Kanban principle in line with lean production. This creates an efficient organizational structure that ensures oversight in daily production operations. The inserting boxes ensure a seamless process in the provision of information and materials. The desired sequence for order processing can be controlled by using the inserted cards.

Single compartment, Kanban box or Kanban board: in day-to-day operations, the inserting boxes provide quick access to the relevant information and allow processes to be put in the right order.

Practical wall mounting for clear structure and quick oversight: Sturdy metal wall brackets for screwing onto profiles, walls or machines are available as accessories for all FATH Inserting Boxes. This means you can implement your individual inserting system and quickly and easily adapt it to changing requirements at any time.


  • Inserting boxes for sizes DIN A4, DIN A5 and 1/3 DIN A4
  • Wall mounting, e.g., for Kanban boards
  • Break-proof wall file pocket for single use, e.g., as a mailbox
  • Simple and clear provision of information throughout the entire shopfloor
Inserting Systems

Inserting boxes for walls and Kanban boards

Boxes for A4 documents hold construction drawings, shipping documents, etc. If the A4 documents are folded, A5 inserting boxes can be used and the space requirement will be significantly smaller. When placed one below the other, the individual inserting boxes create a column that can be used as a Kanban board.

The boxes show which activity is to be processed next or what should be produced in the next step. A system as simple as it is efficient.

Kanban board:

FATH inserting system for Kanban cards

The 1/3 DIN A4 boxes are specially designed for Kanban cards in accordance with the VDA standard. When the material is used up, the Kanban card is removed from the Kanban container and inserted into the corresponding box on the Kanban board. This signals the need for replenishment and the production can be continued without lead times being affected. That's lean!

FATH Wall File Pockets:
comprehensive information under control

FATH screw-on Wall File Pockets made of break-proof plastic can serve as a single compartment for a stack of documents or for files of all kinds, such as orders with multi-page drawings and test reports, or as a collection box for Kanban cards. There is also room in the pockets for thicker document stacks and process folders. In the logistics and production process, they provide a quick overview and full transparency in another respect: FATH Wall File Pockets are themselves transparent.

FATH Wall File Pockets have two parts. The solid plastic mounting plate is screwed to the wall, the machine or the profile. The transparent front part can easily be snapped into place on this sturdy bracket. The front of the inserting box is cut out for quick access to smaller documents. The wall file pockets are made of extremely shatterproof special plastic and can be used in any production environment.

Document Holders

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FATH Inserting Systems can be adapted even better to your needs with the following accessories:

  • Kanban Wall Bracket
  • magnets (set)



Inserting Systems versions

The FATH Inserting Systems are available in the following versions:


Systems / Document size

Inserting boxes for column formation
  • DIN A4 portrait
  • DIN A5 landscape
  • 1/3 DIN A4 portrait / VDA standard


with additional viewing windows in

  • 1/3 DIN A4 landscape, small & portrait, large
  • DIN A4 landscape, small & portrait, large
  • DIN A5 landscape, small & portrait, large

Document Holders overview


Wall File Pocket as a single compartment

  • DIN A4 portrait & landscape
  • DIN A5 portrait & landscape


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