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A new dimension for the provision of information at the workplace: The FATH Monitor Suspensions Arms SKY


The freely swinging FATH Monitor Suspension Arm SKY combines effective provision of information with ergonomic work and lean use of space. Your turbo for optimizing production processes in industrial manufacturing and lean production!

The long suspension arm allows a large-scale provisioning of information from above directly at the workstation – without requiring space on the floor or on the assembly table. This offers maximum flexibility in the work area. With the ergonomically positioned steel bracket, the height of the suspension arm can be contonuously adjusted, and the friction adjustment integrated in the pivot joints enables tilting and swiveling. If the employee wants to view information such as assembly instructions, they are available in seconds. At the right time and exactly where they are needed.

The FATH Monitor Suspension Arm SKY is the perfect solution for providing information when manufacturing large and very large objects.


  • Wall mounting at any height, also on aluminum profiles
  • 100% open space in the work area
  • Continuously height-adjustable via a steel bracket
  • Can be tilted and swiveled thanks to friction adjustment
  • Locking lever for protection against accidental adjustment
  • Integrated cable routing
  • Pre-assembled, ready for use delivery
Monitor Suspension Arm SKY

Maximum open space at the workplace

The FATH Monitor Suspension Arm SKY can be mounted on the wall at any height. If the monitor is not needed, the entire suspension arm can easily be pushed up or to the side.

The entire space under the suspension arm is open and can be used for all work without restriction – even for space-consuming activities that require standing upright or walking around in the work area. The Monitor Suspension Arm SKY is also equipped with a locking lever. This allows the monitor to be fixed in the ideal position for you.

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Monitor Suspension Arm SKY assembly notice

Even more flexibility

Thanks to the frontal extension with a 40x80 system arm with friction joint 80H,Monitor Suspension Arm SKY the FATH Monitor Suspension Arm SKY achieves an even larger radius of action.



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