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Parking Rails (set)

FATH Parking Rails: Precise, space-saving and safe positioning of Dollies

  • Precise positioning of dollies and wagons
  • Clear order in material management
  • Efficient use of space
  • More safety in the shopfloor area 
  • Easy installation: place, glue down, ready to use
  • One-piece signal end caps are separately available
Parking rails

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That's lean: precise positioning and lean space utilization

Lean your production processes in a simple way with the FATH Parking Rails. The parking rails mark the exact parking positions for dollies or in-house trolleys.

By driving onto the rails, each employee automatically parks the wagons always accurately at the right position.

Parking rails

The required material is thus immediately available in the movement and gripping space of the assembly worker - targeted, structured and always in the right quantity. Even when robots are used, the parking rails ensure precise material supply. A waste of space is avoided by the orderly use of the floor and adjoining processes are not disturbed due to the low construction height of 6 to 10 millimetres - if no drollies are parked, the space can be freely used. High loads, such as driving over with industrial trucks, are no problem for the robust aluminum rails.


Ready to use! Simple installation without tools

The aluminum parking rails from FATH are underside coated with a high-performance industrial glue that guarantees extremely high adhesion.

Remove the protective film, lay on the parking rails, stick the rails onto the floor over their entire surface - that's it!

Small uneven areas in the floor and expansion gaps are compensated by the adhesive. The different height versions of the parking rails are designed for the different loads of the dollies. This guarantees easy entry and exit as well as a secure hold for lighter and heavy dollies. Since the resistance when driving onto the rails is very low, the handling of the floor rollers is smooth and protects the back – a plus for ergonomics at the work place.

The parking rails consist of two rail halves and can be adapted to the roller size of the trolleys by selecting the appropriate distance.

Parking Rails are only one possible step of many.

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Defined parking position and signal effect for more safety

The parking rails secure the floor rollers against unintentional rolling away from the work station. When filling or removing material, the trolleys are reliably held in position - even on uneven floors, without brakes on the rollers. Driveways and walkways remain free and production areas easily accessible.

Groundbreaking: bright yellow triangles in the end caps indicate the exact position of the parking rails to the worker.

Parking rails

A detail that simplifies material supply efficiency and provides additional safety. Regardless of the rail height, the end caps are inserted into the side of the rail ends and close them completely. The undersides can also be completely glued to the floor, which prevents the ingress of dirt and makes the parking rails suitable for clean rooms.

The FATH Parking Rails (set) are available in 3 versions

Modular lengths 400, 800, 1200, 2400

flat: for heavy weights

In the flat version, both sides 6 mm high, heavy loads or loads that are difficult to maneuvre, such as rollable garbage containers, can be effortlessly parked and unparked in both directions.

parking rails

flat - high: for medium to heavy weights

The flat - high version with 6 mm/10 mm provides a well noticeable starting resistance and thus simplifies the positioning of the dollies in the parking rail. Pulling the ground rollers out over the flat side is back-friendly, even with high weights, as only little force is required.

parking rails

high: for light to medium weights

The high version, both sides 10 mm high, is particularly suitable for light and medium weights. Dollies can be moved onto and off the parking rail from both sides and find a secure hold.

parking rails


One of its kind on the market: one-piece end caps 

The self-adhesive end caps consist of a single piece-simply attach the end caps and press them to the bottom. Locking lugs ensure immediate correct positioning. Fully covered with adhesive preventing penetration of moisture, dirt and impurities-no screwing and drilling at the floor needed.

One-piece end caps

The one-piece end caps are available in five complete sets for each parking rail design

  • End Cap (Set) High
  • End Cap (Set) High enlarged version; widening for larger wheel diameters
  • End Cap (Set) Flat - High
  • End Cap (Set) Flat - High enlarged version; widening for larger wheel diameters
  • End Cap (Set) Flat
One-piece end caps

Integrated brightly colored position marking 

A yellow triangle position marking is integrated directly into the end caps. This visual border eliminates the need for time-consuming gluing of the aluminum rails with yellow/black marking tape. The markings at the ends caps serve as an optical drive-in aid for easy positioning of the trolleys. The flat tapered end caps in conjunction with the signal triangle minimize the risk of tripping.

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FATH offers a range of swivel castors and fixed castors designed for connection to aluminum profiles for the construction of your own trolleys. See for yourself.


Swivel and Fixed Castor


With the FATH parking rails, you can quickly and easily create a clear order on your shop floor, increase safety and optimize production processes by reducing space requirements.