Lean and sustainable: Label shelves accurately with the reusable FATH Shelf Labelings

Reusable (multi-use) self-adhesive or magnetically attached - either way scanner ready

The shelf label holders are available as reusable (multi-use) self-adhesive or magnetic, either with or without color index and in numerous formats for labeling all standard rack cross beams. Inserted documents are held securely on all types of shelf racks, can be read by a scanner and are easy to change.

  • Reusable (multi-use) self-adhesive or magnetic

  • PVC-free material

  • Many different formats

  • With and without color index

  • Scanner readable

Shelf Label Envelopes consist of a colored film on the back and a transparent front side. The colored wraparound edge makes it very easy to differentiate between product groups or material types with strong visual effect. Good handling and secure hold apply here too.

The shelf labelings are available in the standard widths and heights to fit your shelving.

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Unique worldwide: Reusable (multi-use) Self-adhesive shelf labelings

This is new: The FATH self-adhesive shelf labelings are reusable again and again, as the innovative adhesive retains its adhesive ability after being removed without leaving any residue behind. The special adhesive smooths unevenness and offers excellent instant adhesion on almost all load-bearing substrates. Simply peel off the backing of the double-sided adhesive tape, press on and it's done!

If the shelf needs to be relabeled, the labeling can simply be removed again. While conventional adhesives leave stubborn residues, which have to be removed laboriously, the new self-adhesive FATH products can be removed in one piece completely residue-free. The adhesive sticks to the shelf labeling and can be immediately reattached elsewhere multiple times.

This is lean and sustainable: The fast and flexible transfer of labels saves working time. The reusability also saves resources and reduces the amount of waste.


FATH REgalkennzeichnungen


Magnetic: Insert shelf labelings in one step

The magnetic design of FATH Shelf Label Envelopes and Label Holders provide a strong grip on all ferrous surfaces. Once attached, the shelf labeling will remain in place, even withstanding strong vibrations, for example when storing goods with the forklift truck. If relabeling is required, the magnetic shelf labeling is simply removed and repositioned with one movement. The magnet is firmly bonded to the holder and guarantees stability and durability.


Optional: Cardboard inserts for label printing

Placement of shelf labeling could not be easier with FATH: Sheets of cardboard in DIN A4 format are available for all sizes – with microperforation in every label size. The sheets are suitable for any standard printer. Fill in templates, separate and insert labels, attach shelf labels – and your shelves are labeled accurately.

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The technical data sheet is available for download here:

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The Shelf Labelings are available in the following versions:

Reusable (multi-use) Self-adhesive  

Shelf Labeling dimensions:

5 height dimensions between 20 and 67 mm
3 width dimensions between 75 and 150 mm

additional 67 x 200 mm

Shelf Labelings with color index
Shelf Labelings without color index

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LEAN 4.0 and PVC-free: Effective visualization and more sustainability

The FATH shelf label holders are part of the PVC-free LEAN product line for visualization – products. Allowing you to design your production and logistics processes to be more efficient and leaner, while at the same time contributing to environmental protection. Instead of the problematic PVC material, FATH uses a combination of virgin and recycled plastics with extremely high strengths. LEAN products are UV-resistant, extremely durable and free from harmful substances.