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Visual Pockets

Multi-use: Label your warehouse reliably with FATH's versatile Visual Pockets

Overview Visual Pockets


Visual Pockets for easily labeling all standard containers

  • Magnetic, reusable self-adhesive or attachable with accessories
  • Scanner readable
  • A wide variety of colors and formats
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Durable with reinforced header pieces
  • Conserving resources through multi-use

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LEAN 4.0: Effective container identification and greater sustainability

FATH's Visual Pockets are part of the LEAN product family. Products which allow you to design your production and logistics processes to be more efficient and leaner.

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Magnetic, reusable self-adhesive or attachable with accessories

Made of durable plastic with a reinforced header, the Visual Pockets are available in the following versions: magnetic, reusable self-adhesive or attachable with accessories. Each version is available in four colors and three formats. You can use them to label all standard crates, boxes, and containers, whether they are made of plastic, metal, wood or glass. You can choose from numerous attachment accessories that are compatible with Euro boxes, plastic crates and trays, lattice boxes, SLCs, heavy load carriers, and many more.

The front of the Visual Pocket is made of a transparent film while the back is made of a colored plastic. Thanks to the nature of the transparent film, a scanner can easily read the inserted documentation without it needing to be removed.

Sustainable labeling: Through the multiple use of FATH Visual Pockets, you can save on purchasing costs and at the same time the use of resources and the amount of waste will be reduced. In this way, the requirements for high efficiency and greater sustainability in production and logistics can be harmonized. The clever product features of the FATH Visual Pockets improve work processes - and they bring more sustainability to the industrial environment.


Unique worldwide: Reusable Self-Adhesive Visual Pockets

This is new: FATH's Visual Pockets are able to be reused again and again since the innovative adhesive retains its adhesion properties even after being detached. If a container needs to be re-labeled, the reusable self-adhesive FATH Visual Pocket can simply be removed. While conventional adhesives leave stubborn residues that need to be painstakingly removed, the new self-adhesive FATH products can be removed in one piece, easily and completely free of residue. Our adhesive remains adhered to the Visual Pocket and can be reattached elsewhere multiple times. This means that FATH's self-adhesive Visual Pockets are also suitable for temporary labeling. That is both lean and sustainable.


Attachment is possible for virtually any surface and any warehouse container type




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visual pockets self adesive

Reusable Self-Adhesive Visual Pockets

An adhesive strip is attached to the back of the reusable self-­adhesive Visual Pocket. Remove the liner from the double-sided adhesive strip, press the Visual Pocket onto a suitable surface and you’re done. This version of the Visual Pockets is especially suitable for wood, glass, plastic and precious metal containers. The Industrial Adhesive compensates for unevenness and offers a high degree of adhesion on many load-bearing surfaces immediately after attachment.

visual pockets magnetic

Magnetic Visual Pockets

FATH’s Magnetic Visual Pockets feature two welded-in neo-dymium magnets. They are suitable for attaching to all ferrous surfaces and are able to withstand strong vibrations thanks to strength of the neodymium magnets. Two individual magnets allow the Visual Pockets to be attached to round objects such as barrels and pumps. They can also remain firmly attached to metal wall paneling that is fluted or has a profiled surface.

visual pockets to attach

Attached Visual Pockets

There are many accessories available to mount FATH’s Attachable Visual Pockets. Brackets are attached through the punch holes in the Visual Pocket’s reinforced header piece. The availability of different fastening options means Visual Pockets can be attached to almost any container – from SLCs and barrels through to drums and special load carriers.

Accessories for the Attached Visual Pockets

Plastic pin for Visual Pocket

Plastic Pin for Visual Pocket

For thicker cardboard packaging, foam, textiles, and plastic bags

Part #: 02011E04

U-loop Steel Clamp for Visual Pocket

U-loop Steel Clamp for Visual Pocket

For films, thinner cardboard packaging, and outer packaging

Part #: 02011E02

Lattice Box Clip for Visual Pocket

Lattice Box Clip for Visual Pocket

For lattice boxes and steel cable for ceiling signage

Part #: 02011E03

Plastic Tie for Visual Pocket

Plastic Tie for Visual Pocket

For profiles, ducts, lattice boxes, and containers with handles

Part #: 02011E05


The Visual Pockets are are available in following versions:

  • Reusable self-adhesive
  • Attachable with accessories
  • Magnetiic

Available in following formats:

  • DIN A5 landscape
  • 1/3 DIN A4 portrait
  • DIN A4 portrait

Available in following colors:
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Overview Visual Pockets


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