Flexible and lean: Mark areas easily and reliably with self-adhesive FATH Floor Marking Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes for quick and heavy-duty labeling

farbige Bodenmarkierungsänder

  • Outstanding adhesive strength

  • Forklift-resistant

  • Suitable for almost all industrial floors and removable without leaving residue

  • Very sturdy and stable: Easily adhered to industrial floors

  • Available in all relevant colors





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Self-adhesive floor marking tapes: forklift-resistant and affixes instantly

The self-adhesive, sturdy FATH floor marking tapes are custom-made and can easily be adhered to industrial floors. Vehicles can drive over them immediately and they are easy to clean. They are suitable for almost all industrial floors and substrates such as stone, concrete or metal. Unlike with paint or lacquer markings, there are no long drying times and no unpleasant odors when you apply FATH's floor marking tapes. Thanks to the hard-wearing plastic surface suitable for industrial use, the floor marking tapes withstand heavy use by forklift trucks.


Full flexibility with new production requirements

The self-adhesive floor marking tapes can be detached from the floor without leaving any residue and then reaffixed as needed if production changes, reorganization or expansions to facilities are planned. The floor remains intact after removing the adhesive tapes, because no chemicals or acidic substances are required. Leased buildings, warehouses and spaces can also be temporarily labeled without causing any damage. That is lean!

Safety increases by the separation of production areas and walkways

One of the most important functions of floor marking is separating vehicle routes and walkways.

Clearly marked walkways ensure that employees and visitors stay safe if industrial trucks or forklifts are moving around the production area or warehouse. FATH's floor marking tapes effectively show the separation of vehicle routes from walkways. ASR A1.3 specifies that vehicle routes should be delimited by marking strips at least 5 cm wide. Steps can also be clearly marked with adhesive tapes in signal colors to minimize the risk of falling.

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Make sure you mark correctly: A quick color advisor

FATH's floor marking tapes are available in rolls 50 mm wide in all key marking colors with a single- or double-color design. This enables companies to set up a secure color guidance system for walkways, separate areas, parking spaces, parking lots and entire areas in production plants and warehouses. When used correctly, the selected colors provide recognition of safety importance, for example:

Yellow: Marked-off work areas, vehicle routes and walkways
Red: Defective goods and defective raw materials
Blue: Semi-finished products and material for further processing
Green: Finished products

Black/yellow: Marking of hazardous areas, obstacles, and radioactive material
White/red: Hazardous areas in construction, easily flammable objects, and fire extinguishers


The self-adhesive floor marking tapes are available in the following versions:

Length: 50 meters (165 feet)
Width: 50 mm

① yellow
② red
③ blue
④ green
⑤ black/yellow
⑥ red/white

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What are the advantages of the self-adhesive floor markings as a driveway boundary compared to lacquered markings with paint?

Self-adhesive floor markings offer great flexibility. They are very easy to install. Self-adhesive floor marking tapes can be run over immediately, no drying time is required to use the marked area. In addition, no odorous substances are produced upon application, as is otherwise the case when marking with lacquer or paint. The escape of any health-threatening lacquer or paint substances is thereby avoided.

Can the floor marking tape be removed without chemicals?

Yes, due to the quality of the floor marking, the tapes can be removed without additives.

Is the floor marking tape (self-adhesive floor marking) resistant to forklift traffic?

Yes, the FATH floor marking, including the floor marking tape, is forklift-resistant. It can be driven over, and is resistant due to its nature and quality.

Is the color of the floor marking resistant to abrasion?

Yes, the color of the FATH floor marking is wear-resistant. Of particular note is the special production process for multi-colored floor markings, for example yellow-black. The print or color is on the inside of the transparent film, - enclosed between the adhesive and the film. This manufacturing process offers a clear advantage over most tapes available on the market.

Are the floor marking tapes suitable for enforcing the KEEP YOUR DISTANCE in production and logistics areas?

A combination of FATH floor marking tapes and floor marking windows are particularly well suited to visualize the "keep your distance" command and to enforce it easily.

What distance is to be maintained around pallet spaces when attaching L-shaped and T-shaped markings?

A distance of 20 to 30 centimeters from the pallet spaces is particularly suitable so that the floor markings are not damaged by rolling over them - for example with steel containers.

Is the red and white floor marking forklift-resistant?

Yes. Thanks to a special sandwich production process (the print is enclosed between the adhesive and the transparent film) all floor markings, even those in a red and white color, are particularly resistant to forklifts and are highly wear-resistant.

Are there floor markings with a non-slip surface?

All FATH floor markings feature industrial grade slip resistance and offer maximum safety, for example, wherever residues or contamination appear under the work shoes.

Are there different colors for establishing a color coding system?

Due to a broad color spectrum that offers many different colors to choose from, FATH floor markings are particularly suitable for establishing a color coding system.

Is the floor marking self-adhesive and can it be used immediately?

Yes, the floor marking is self-adhesive and can be stepped on immediately. After the adhesive is allowed to cure it becomes very resistant.

What is the advantage of self-adhesive floor markings over markings with lacquer or paint?

Self-adhesive floor markings provide a high degree of flexibility and are therefore ideal for fulfilling lean considerations in production and storage. They are very easy to install and can be easily removed when changing between operations. Thanks to the self-adhesive solution, new markings can be established just as quickly.  

Self-adhesive floor marking tapes from FATH can also be driven over immediately; no drying time is required to use the marked areas. In addition, no nuisance arises from odors during or after application, as is otherwise the case when marking with varnish or paint. The potentially harmful emission from varnishes or paints is thereby avoided.

Is a self-adhesive floor marking more durable than a paint or lacquer marking?

Studies have shown that floor markings of paint or lacquer are subject to significantly greater abrasion than self-adhesive floor markings.

How much processing time does floor marking tape require?

The FATH floor marking tape can be applied more rapidly and with significantly less preparation time - partly because no auxiliary lines need to be established beforehand.

How should the floor be prepared before the floor marking is adhered?

The substrate should be finished and free of dust and grease. The more finished the substrate is, the better the adhesion of the floor marking.

What types of floor marking are available for logistics areas?

Driveways and walkways can be clearly separated from one another using floor marking tapes or spacer strips. Storage spaces in the incoming / outgoing goods areas can be marked quickly and easily with the pre-punched symbols and floor signs, which are particularly suitable for area labeling.

After printing out the parking space numbers / barcodes or pictograms, and applying and adhering notes on them without the need for lamination, the floor marking is then complete!

Is the price of a floor marking tape cheaper than the cost of marking with paint?

The price of a floor marking tape is an important consideration. Comparisons have shown that the total costs are significantly less compared to those associated with painted markings.

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