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Floor Marking Tapes

FATH Floor Marking Tapes for quick and durable marking


With FATH self-adhesive Floor Marking Tapes, you can mark surfaces easily and safely. One of the most important functions of floor marking is separating vehicle routes and walkways. Clearly marked walkways ensure that employees and visitors stay safe if industrial trucks or forklifts are moving around the production area or warehouse.

You will comply with the obligation to visually separate vehicle routes from walkways with FATH Floor Marking Tapes. ASR A1.3 specifies that vehicle route boundaries should be delimited by marking strips at least 5 cm wide. Stair steps can also be clearly marked with adhesive tape in signal colors to minimize the risk of falling.
Full flexibility with new production requirements: The self-adhesive floor marking tapes can be removed from the floor without leaving any residue when production changeovers, restructurings or plant expansions are pending. The floor remains intact after removing the adhesive tape because no chemicals or acidic substances are required to remove them. Leased buildings, warehouses and spaces can also be temporarily labeled without causing any consequential damage.


  • Outstanding adhesive strength
  • Forklift-resistant
  • Suitable for almost all industrial floors
  • Removable without leaving residue
  • Very dimensionally stable: adhesion without prior marking
  • Available in all relevant colors
Highlights Floor Marking Tapes

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Floor Marking Tapes:
forklift-resilient and instantly affixed

The dimensionally stable FATH Floor Marking Tapes can be cut to fit your needs and affixed to industrial floors without prior marking. Vehicles can drive over them immediately, and they are easy to clean. They are suitable for almost all industrial floors and surfaces such as stone, concrete or metal. Unlike paint or lacquer markings, there are no long drying times and no unpleasant odors. Thanks to the durable plastic surface suitable for industrial use, the floor marking tapes withstand heavy use by forklift trucks.


Highly durable multi-colored Floor Marking Tapes

Thanks to a new printing concept, the multi-colored FATH Floor Marking Tapes are extremely durable. The color print is applied on the inside and is covered by a transparent film. This means that the print image is fully enclosed between the film and the adhesive and is thus permanently protected against wear and scratches, even after long use and heavy stress on the surface.

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Color coding system for safe visualization

FATH Floor Marking Tapes are available in rolls in widths of 50, 75 and 100 mm and in all important marking colors – in single color and two-color versions. This enables companies to set up a secure color coding system for walkways, separate areas, storing spaces, parking spaces and entire areas in production plants and warehouses. When used correctly, the selected colors provide a largely intuitive recognition of the marked areas.


color coding system for safe visualization


Sample package Floor Marking Tapes

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The self-adhesive FATH Floor Marking Tapes are available as rolls in the following versions:



Length: 50 meters (165 feet)
Width: 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm


yellow ≈ RAL 1018

red ≈ RAL 3020

blue ≈ RAL 5017

blue ≈ RAL 5012

green ≈ RAL 6016

white ≈ RAL 9003

red / white

black / yellow


Versions Floor Marking Tapes


The FATH floor marking tapes are also available in the width 50 mm as temporary tape TESA® 60760. Here the length is 198 mm on a roll.

FATH Floor Marking Tapes


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