COVID-19 Health And Safety Stickers

Visualize Corona protection measures: FATH Corona information signs for sticking onto multiple surfaces


Face mask required, keep distance, no handshake, or disinfect hands: The Coronavirus shapes our everyday life - and this will remain so. Everyone must adhere to Corona protection measures to contain the spread of the virus. Corona stickers and information signs help enormously to anchor the new required behavior patterns in people's minds in the long term. They are a simple but effective measure to protect customers, visitors and employees.

All FATH Corona signs are designed in the form of stickers and are easy to attach.

As the person responsible, affix the Corona stickers clearly visible in all areas where several people meet:


industrial companies, production facilities, and public institutions


food markets and all other shops

Medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes and other social institutions

Pharmacies and drugstores

Kindergartens and schools

Hotels and restaurants

Museums, Zoos etc.

The high-quality FATH stickers for walls and doors provide clear indications and protection for the observance of distance regulation and hygiene measures.

  • Self-adhesive on all smooth surfaces
  • 300 mm diameter for extraordinary signal effect
  • Can be removed without residue from almost all surfaces
  • Reusable

Safety Stickers are only one possible step of many.

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Safety marking according to ASR A1.3 / DIN EN ISO 7010

Thanks to standard pictograms, the FATH stickers are suitable for safety marking according to ASR A1.3 / DIN EN ISO 7010. They have a particularly good warning and signal effect. And are also used as protection and hygiene stickers for all areas. 

With the FATH prohibition, mandatory, warning and notice sticker you inform your employees, customers and visitors in all areas and thus create a safe environment through clear marking.

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FATH Stickers: Pictograms for all important markings

Prohibitive Stickers

No Handshake Sticker
No Entry Sticker

Mandatory Stickers

Face Mask Sticker
Face Protection Sticker
Disinfect Hands Sticker
Wash Hands Sticker
Traffic Arrow Sticker

Warning and Notice Stickers

Safe Distance Sticker

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