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FATH Tool Holders FX 360° for aluminum profile, round tube and perforated sheet metal:
Arrange and organize the work environment flexibly


FATH Tool Holders FX are practical shop floor aids for greater efficiency and order in assembly or production environments. Thanks to the wide range of variants and the high degree of flexibility, you can meet almost any requirement for effective and ergonomic tool provision at your industrial workplace. This creates positive work life and increases productivity. 

The adaptability, which at the same time brings the advantage of 360° rotatability, allows the use of FATH Tool Holders FX with a wide variety of systems. Assembly on aluminum profiles, round tubes and tubular frame profiles D28, D30 or D27.6 is completed in a few simple steps. The tool holder with the rotatable slot inserts is fastened laterally in slot 8 or slot 10 with a T-slot nut or a hammer nut on the aluminum profile with a modular dimension of 40 mm or larger. With modular dimensions 40, the fastening module is flush on the front and thus replaces the cover cap at the same time. On round tubes D28, D30 or D27.6, the installation is carried out via clamping with the integrated screw.

The two housing parts of the mounting module are spring-mounted for quick adjustment of the desired angle. Screw on, turn into position, tighten. Done!


  • All tool holders FX can be rotated 360°

  • Easy installation and handling

  • Function modules can be combined with all adaptations
  • For aluminum profiles, round tubes and tubular frame profiles as well as perforated sheet metals

  • Ergonomic tool provision
  • Also suitable for heavy tools



Tool Holders


Unique: 360° rotatability

All FATH Tool Holders FX can be roated 360° in 36 small steps! This enables a straight mounting even on inclined beams. Thanks to the 360° rotatability, the alignment of the tool holders can be precisely adjusted so that tools and work equipment can be removed conveniently. Stowing also takes place intuitively and without delaying the work processes, even when using larger tools. Numerous function modules are available for this purpose. This enables good ergonomics and increases efficiency - the employees can use the tools with less effort, an straight alignment can be set for each handle and unnecessary fatigue is avoided.


Tool Holders Work place


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Countless possible applications

All FATH Tool Holders FX can be flexibly combined and attached to the profile, round tube or tubular frame profile. With the many different versions of brackets and hooks, countless applications can be implemented and virtually all requirements can be covered. Even larger tools such as torque wrenches or locking bolts can be stored safely and at the same time be within easy reach - simply attach two tool hooks at the appropriate distance. The sturdy tool tray is suitable for heavy offset screwdrivers. The sturdy tool tray is suitable for heavy offset screwdrivers.

The quiver holds small tools such as screwdrivers or similar. The practical cloth clip keeps cleaning and dry cloths within easy reach - or even work clothing when you turn the hook upward. The bag cutter allows cutting without scissors, and the bottle holder keeps liquids handy. This saves a lot of time and ensures efficient work processes.


Refined and truly chic

FATH Tool Holders FX are both practical as well as refined and attractive in design. Instead of pure steel constructions, the mounting modules as well as brackets and hooks are available in chic shapes and designs. Additionally, bright plastic adaptations and rubberized hooks visually make a nice impression! 

For square profile, round tube and tubular frame profile available immediately. The perforated sheet metal variant for opening grid 9 x 9 mm (8.7 x 8.7 mm) will follow shortly.


Functional modules can be interchanged as needed

All FATH Tool Holders FX consist of two modules, the attachment module and the functional module. The circular, 36-toothed connection inside the attachment module protects against twisting. Since all FATH Tool Holders FX are mounted with the same attachment module, you can exchange and combine the functional modules as needed, regardless of which tool holder support they are attached to – profile, round tube or tubular frame profile and coming soon: also on perforated plates.

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