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Profile Connector 90° (set)

Connect aluminum profiles at right angles – quickly and easily with the FATH Profile Connector 90°


It couldn’t be simpler! Fasten the profile connector 90° to the profile, mount the second profile, tighten and done! The aluminum profiles are now connected at a 90° angle by the durable steel profile – stable and secure.

  • Can be done without having to machine the profiles
  • Available with self-forming screw
  • Easy to remount
  • Profile structure has a free interior area
  • Anti-rotation protection included
  • ESD electrostatically discharging
Profile Connector 90° (Set)
Profile Connector 90° (Set)

Minimal processing effort: no milling or drilling

With the self-forming version, the profile connector can be mounted without prior processing to the profile. It is ideally suited to light to medium-sized connections as well as profile designs with panel material. Profiles can be connected with slot 8 or slot 10 – with the slot 10 profile connector, the necessary M12 or S12 reducing bushes for screwing into the core hole are included.


Clever components for strong connections

The Profile Connector 90° is made up of a steel body, screw, pre-assembled set screw and, for the slot 10 version, an additional reducing bush. The assembly screw is available as a metric or self-forming version and is easily screwed into the core hole in the profile in order to fasten the profile connector. It is then inserted into the profile slot of the second profile. After that, it is put under tension by tightening the set screw with an hexagon socket wrench so that it presses against the head of the mounting screw until the profile connector is firmly seated in the profile.


The added convenience for installation: easily accessible in the corner

The set screw of the profile connector runs diagonally to the profile at an approx. 60° angle, making it easily accessible through the free area. It can be loosened with a few turns at any time to move the profile or dismantle the connection. Installation and removal of the right-angled profile structure are completed in seconds and the Profile Connector 90° can be reused, making it the perfect solution for mobile structures.


ESD electrostatically discharging and anti-rotation protection included

A clever detail protects the profile connection from twisting. The long side of the steel body is equipped with teeth which dig into the profile surface when the profile connector is tightened, thus preventing twisting or slipping. In addition, the anodized layer is broken up, resulting in a safe, electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Free interior – free design

The interior area can be designed flexibly, since the inner slot of the profile construction remains free. Any panel material, such as acryl glass etc., can easily be inserted and a wide variety of enclosures can be constructed with ease.

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Profile Connector 90° B45 (Set)

Profile Connector 90° B45 (Set)

Profile Connector 90° I

Profile Connector 90° I

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