Product Portrait Digital Shopfloor Board

Digitalized communication unit: The premium solution for efficient shopfloor management and increased productivity


Certainly not a classic FATH product, but a testament to how we are always able to think outside the box and identify needs.

The streamlining of processes in production, warehousing and logistics is a key factor for greater productivity - a theme that is also increasingly affecting small and medium-sized companies. FATH LEAN 4.0 offers a premium solution in the field of digitalization for better integration of work processes within the value chain. With the Digital Shopfloor Board, the work process can be mapped in compressed form and managed efficiently. By displaying the key figures in real time, every employee can grasp the situation and react quickly if necessary. This digital shopfloor management can create greater added value. Employees feel informed by the resulting transparency and can better integrate themselves into the processes.

The Digital Shopfloor Board consequently replaces planning boards, bulletin boards, posters, and smaller screens. It offers the greatest possible efficiency in everyday operations.

Digitales Shopfloor Board

Collection and provision of process data


  • Unique combination of analog/digital applications
  • Flexibility thanks to a wide range of IT interfaces
  • Integrated power supply via power strip

  • Aluminum profile frame with standard 8 slot

  • Storage for keyboard, remote control, markers, ...

  • Simple and intuitive

The best of both worlds 

Anyone who has previously worked with a classic whiteboard can continue to do so as usual with our digital version. Because a lateral whiteboard is optionally available, which can be written on with board markers as usual and is also magnetic (see description of our whiteboards).

In addition, the Shopfloor Board also becomes a source of power. All common media devices can be powered from the integrated power strip which is equipped with Schuko sockets. The Digital Shopfloor Board can easily display browser-based content, such as LEAN dashboards, without the need for an additional PC.

Together from a single perspective

Regular exchanges between managers and employees create new points of contact in daily interaction. In addition, structured and daily process analysis and the discussion of issues and improvement measures, make it possible to make rapid progress within the company.

A win-win for everyone involved

This greatly reduces losses due to friction, and the rapid intervention and resolution of technical problems leads directly to an improvement in productivity. Needless to say, the scalability of the imported data flows is extensive. This allows the LEAN process to be adapted and optimized at any time.

Digital Shopfloor Board


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