Door Latch (Set)

  • Model: Zinc die-cast
  • Description: Quick fastener for swing doors, to be mountend in a min. 12 mm gap between door and post
  • Counter Screw: (not included in delivery) 1 cylinder head screw ISO 4762 / DIN 912 - M6 - thread lengh depending on gap distance and slot depth, screw head dives competely into the door latch
  • Specials: Other materials, other colors on request
  • Material: Door latch: Zinc die-cast
    Cover cap: Plastic PA, glass fiber reinforced
    2 countersunk screws M4: Steel
  • Surface: Door latch: Plain
    2 countersunk screws M4: Zinc plated
  • Color: Cover cap: Black
    Angle: Alu color
  • Set: 1 door latch,
    2 screws DIN 7991 (ISO 10642) - M4 x 16
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