Infeed Cap for Guiding Rail FIFO (Set)

  • Model: Aluminum die-cast
  • Description: For easier loading and unloading of a FIFO stations with floor dollys;
    Robust design, mounting directly in the slot of guiding rails FIFO with enclosed hexagon socket set screws
    Yellow screw cover with signal effect to indicate the infeed position for the wheels of floor dollys
  • Fastening: From the front, using M6 countersunk screws
  • Tip: Compatible guiding rail FIFO see 02082P.1200
    Compatible connecting element for guiding rail FIFO (set) see 02082D
    Compatible screw cover infeed cap for guiding rail FIFO see 02082S.15
  • Material: Infeed Caps: Aluminum die-cast
    Screw Covers: Plastic PC
    Hexagon socket set screws: Steel
  • Surface: Hexagon socket set screws: Zinc plated
  • Color: Screw Covers: Yellow ≈ RAL 1003
  • Set: 8 infeed caps
    16 screw covers
    16 hexagon socket set screws ISO 4027 - M6 x 8
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