Roller Element, Screw-on Version

  • Model: Without slot, slot 8, slot 10
  • Description: For manufacturing roller conveyors in any width and length, incl. 2 Screws M5 x 25
  • Fastening: Version 1 (with clamp hammer): to be fastened by screw-in or knock-in 2 screws M5 x 25
    Version 2 (without clamp hammer): using 2 screws M5 x 25 and T-slot nuts or hammer nuts
  • Tip: * ESD delivery of electrostatic discharging version without clamp hammer, to fasten with ESD electrostatic discharging hammer nuts or T-slot nuts
  • Material: Casing: Plastic PA, glass ball reinforced
    Rollers: Plastic POM
    Assembly set: Steel
  • Surface: Assembly set: Zinc plated
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly Set 2: 2 hammer nuts lot 10 - M5
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