Roller Track AL R28

  • Model: Assembled ready for use
  • Description: Resilent and smooth running roller track AL R28, quickly replaceable
  • Pack Quantity: 1 piece at 6000 mm;
    Cut min. 50 mm - max. 6000 mm
  • Specials: Other materials, other colors on request
  • Tip: Please note: You are ordering in meters!
    For cut: To order, please replace "xxxx" in the part number by the required length in mm, e.g. "0350" for 350 mm or "2000" for 2000 mm
  • Material: Roller track profile AL: Aluminum
    Standard roller: Plastic PA, glass ball reinforced
    ESD electrostatical discharging roller: Plastic PA, carbon fiber reinforced
    Standard cage: Plastic PA, glass fiber reinforced
    ESD electrostatical discharging cage: Plastic PA, carbon fiber reinforced
    Axle: Steel
  • Surface: Roller track profile AL, standard version: Anodized
    Roller track profile AL, ESD electrostatical discharging version: Anodized and processed ESD electrostatical discharging
    Axle: Zinc plated
  • Color: Standard roller / cage: See table
    ESD electrostatical discharging roller / cage: See table
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