Side Adapter for Magnifying Lamp D160 with Jointed Arm (Set)

  • Model: Profile 40 and up
  • Description: for side mounting on profiles, posts, beams and walls; adapter rotatable for horizontal positioning before mounting; friction adjustable on horizontal axis
  • Tip: Compatible magnifying lamp see 063MAL50D16035
  • Material: Bearing bush: Plastic POM
    Mounting flange: Aluminum die-cast
    Mounting adapter: Aluminum die-cast
    Screws: Steel
  • Surface: Mounting flange: Lacquered
    Mounting adapter: Lacquered
    Screws: Zinc plated
  • Color: Bearing bush: Black
    Mounting flange: Alu color
    Mounting adapter: Alu color
  • Set: 1 bearing bush
    1 mounting flange
    1 mounting adapter
    1 mounting screw DIN 6912 - M8 x 25
    2 mounting screw DIN 6912 - M8 x16
    1 threaded pin DIN 914 - M6 x 8
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