Swivel Castor Arm I 40 x 80

  • Model: Steel
  • Description: Reduced construction height = lower centre of gravity = increased stability;
    castor are always able to rotate around the full 360°;
    if attached on the front face ,
    the core hole of the profile 8 80 x 40 must
    be M8 threaded; safety is ensured as standard by the stop buffer;
    In case of a colic, this protects against damage
  • Specials: Other surfaces, other colors on request
  • Tip: Compatible swivel castor D80, D100 or D125 see 098S080xxx, 098S100xxx or 098S125xxx
  • Material: Arm: Steel
    Bumper: Plastic TPE, ≈ 70 Shore A
    Screw: Steel
    Cover cap: Plastic
  • Surface: Arm: Powder coated
    Screw: Zinc plated
  • Color: Arm: Alu color
    Bumper: Gray ≈ RAL 7042
    Cover cap: Gray ≈ RAL 7042
  • Set: 1 castor arm,
    1 bumper,
    2 screw ISO 7380 - M8 x 16,
    1 screw DIN 7991 - M10 x 25,
    2 cover cap
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