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Adapter Pallet for Dollies

Smart logistics: The FATH Adapter Pallet makes the high-bay racking of dollies possible

With the FATH Adapter Pallet, dollies can be transported and stored particularly efficiently. The dollies can remain on the adapter pallet throughout the entire process chain. External transport by truck is possible without problems, as the dollies are locked automatically and fully loaded adapter pallets can be stacked on top of each other. 

This enables seamless transport across the entire internal and external logistics chain - without repacking or restacking the SLC within the individual production steps. This allows material staging and logistical processes to be optimized and costs to be reduced.

If raw products or semi-finished products are delivered on adapter pallets, restacking at goods receipt is no longer necessary. The logistics chain for external finishing processes is significantly improving through the use of adapter pallets since the material doesn’t need to be repacked for inter-plant transport.


Adapter Pallet for Dollies



The FATH Adapter Pallet can be used with almost all standard dollies. In the 400 x 600 mm dimension, four fit on one pallet, two, in the 1200 x 800 mm dimension, one in the 800 x 600 mm dimension. The dollies can be loaded or stacked with other dollies as empties - this ensures highly efficient space utilization in logistics

Another advantage: The FATH Adapter Pallet is roller track compatible. It is recognized as a pallet by all common transport systems. 


  • High-bay racking dollies can be stored on any level
  • Automatic locking during lifting with fork arms
  • Safety device: Unlocking by pressing the foot pedal
  • Seamless cross-plant transport via truck and track
  • Brand independent: Can be used with all 400 x 600 mm dollies
  • Roller track capable
Adapter Pallet fo Dollies

Unique: AGV capable thanks to automatic locking

The FATH Adapter Pallet is the first pallet that can be transported not only with a commercially available pallet truck but also with an AGV (automated guided vehicle). It has a sophisticated and very robust locking mechanism. If the adapter pallet is lifted one centimeter by the forklift, hand pallet truck or AGV, the locking flap closes automatically by means of a spring. This also makes it possible to position rolling goods on inclined loading ramps or uneven production surfaces.

Particular attention was paid to occupational health and safety. To prevent accidental disengaging of the lock, unlocking is done by deliberately releasing the lock manually by means of the distinctive red foot switch.

The FATH adapter pallet was developed in cooperation with AGILOX. The development was triggered by the practical requirement of a well-known manufacturer - in whose production process the AGILOX AGVs were to be safely integrated to facilitate smooth automated logistics. The FATH adapter pallet meets this requirement for AGILOX AGTS and many other automated guided vehicle systems.



Practical space-saving storage

FATH Adapter Pallets are designed so that they can be easily stacked on top of each other when empty. In production and logistics, a small area of 1200 x 800 mm is already sufficient to store several adapter pallets and make them available for immediate use. Even adapter pallets that are fully loaded can be stacked without any problems. This means that a lot of material can be stored without having to restrict the production area on the shop floor.

You can also optimize the use of space in the warehouse. Since dollies are automatically locked in place on the FATH Adapter Pallet by a sophisticated locking mechanism, loaded adapter pallets can be stored safely in the high rack. Material flow and material supply can thus be organized efficiently and in a space-saving manner, even in the case of storage.

Adapterpalett overview

Adapterpalett overview

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The FATH Adapter Pallet in the AGV module Agilox-proved



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Adapter Pallets for Dollies are only one possible step of many.

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Ideal addition: FATH Dollies and FATH Adapter Pallet

You can use the FATH Adapter Pallet immediately with your existing dollies. If you don't already have your own dollies, FATH Dollies are the ideal complement. The dollies are designed for all SLC/Euro 400 x 600 mm containers and offer maximum flexibility for small and medium lot sizes. As empties, they can be safely stacked and stored in a minimal amount space. The zinc plated steel frame can support up to 250 kg. The casters of the FATH Dollies are equipped with high-quality and extremely durable wheels from the manufacturer Blickle Germany. Wheel types for all application areas and usage scenarios are available, for example, particularly quiet-running, extremely non-slip, non-marking or ESD wheels.

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