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Bearing Units

FATH Bearing Units: Easily design slide units and sliding doors yourself


With FATH Bearing Units for C-rail profiles, you can easily design slide units and sliding doors for an industrial environment. The different versions are equipped with hardened rollers inside in different materials and versions and offer you a high degree of flexibility for the construction of individual applications according to need and customer requirements.

For the construction of guide carriages, the FATH Bearing Unit is combined with a suitable carriage plate. Centric and eccentric bearing units with different bolt geometries are available. As the eccentric bolts can also be adjusted afterward, you can build a guide unit free of play. The ideal result is achieved when two centric and two eccentric bearing units are installed.

In order to permanently ensure lubrication of guide rails and bearing units, FATH has a suitable stripping and lubrication system that protects against premature wear.


  • Individual design of slide units and sliding doors

  • Centric and eccentric versions available

  • Can be used offset by 180° for maximum flexibility

  • Rugged construction

Bearing Units

Countless applications can be implemented

Slide unit or suspension for sliding doors: The application possibilities are virtually unlimited. Since the FATH Bearing Units can also be installed offset by 90°, a 3D printer, for example, can be moved vertically and horizontally by attaching the appropriate slide units.

Sliding doors for a wide range of functions in production and assembly can be precisely constructed – whether simple construction for closing small areas or as part of a complex enclosure with practical access. The sliding doors are guided by mounting the FATH Bearing Units on a C-rail system and D14 shafts. For large structures, the guideway can be supported by rollers on the lower side if required.

Reduce wear and tear

To minimize wear and tear, FATH Bearing Units are equipped with a lubrication device. The cap is equipped with a felt lining, which in addition protects the lubrication unit against leakage. For lubrication, the lubricating oil is simply poured into the opening.

bearing units


bearing units
bearing units
bearing units
bearing units

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