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Optimized material transport: Reduce space requirements thanks to the ability to target provisions exactly where needed with FATH Dollies


Organize material flow efficiently and save space - without using forklifts: The dollies are designed for all SLC/Euro 400 x 600 mm containers and provide maximum flexibility in intralogistics for small and medium-sized batch sizes. In addition, there is a version available for the Euro pallet dimension 800 x 1200 mm. Empty, the dollies are stackable and can be stored in the smallest of spaces. Even when loaded, they only require a small area.

The dollies are also suitable for safe transport on adapter pallets. This allows storage on a rack and external transport by truck and rail.

The welded frame made of galvanized steel can carry up to 1000 kg (Euro pallet size) and up to 250 kg in the SLC variant. The Euro pallet version can also become a working surface without a forklift. The optional stacking frame raises the level of the stacked pallet to work level. Furthermore, a push bar can be connected and disconnected from the frame in seconds without tools. The push bar can be engaged either on the short transverse side or on the long side which saves space. As an option, the Euro pallet dolly can be equipped with detection pads for automated guided vehicles (AGVs). This means that the system can also be used automatically - Agilox approved.





  • Empty dollies can be stacked to save space
  • High load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Versions with and without lateral guide
  • Towing bar systems suitable for tugger trains
  • Blickle brand wheels for all applications
  • Suitable for adapter pallets
  • Compatible and stackable with existing dollies

Blickle Germany brand quality wheels

All FATH rollers for dollies are equipped with high-quality wheels manufactured by Blickle Germany. The branded wheels manufactured in Germany are well-engineered and proven products and are very durable. Various versions of wheel types are available for all applications and application scenarios. Depending on your requirements, you can, for example, choose particularly quiet running, extremely anti-skid, non-marking or ESD wheels for your dollies. Almost any requirement for dollies in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics can be met - This saves time and makes workflows more efficient.
Another advantage: All FATH rollers are securely and stably mounted on the dolly with a single centering screw. This saves time and makes workflows more efficient.




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Versions for every material handling requirement


FATH Dollies are available for a wide range of applications. With 4 swivel casters for rolling in any direction, or for track-following with 2 swivel casters and 2 fixed casters - and the SLC variant is also available with a drawbar system suitable for tugger trains. In the tugger train version, the coupling is located on the underside of the dolly and doesn't protrude. The towing bar can be folded out if necessary. When it is no longer needed, it automatically folds back into a vertical position by means of a spring mechanism. This means that the dollies with a coupling and towiing bar can also be stored safely, save space and be transported on adapter pallets.

Side plates for containers without a deeper drawn base: If flat-bottomed crates are used for intralogistics, the version with side supports is optimal for transporting materials. The side plates are welded to the long sides of the dollies; they arrest the containers securely and ensure a firm hold without any slipping or tipping, even when rolling over uneven ground.

Dollies are only one possible step of many.

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All for one - logical additions to an already versatile product


Strong partners:

FATH Dollies and FATH Parking Rails

Combined with FATH Parking Rails, the FATH Dolly becomes a lean solution that provides significantly more structure and efficiency to material provision. FATH Parking Rails are simply glued on and enable precise positioning of the dollies without using brakes.

This allows you to achieve a clear-cut order in the material feed and minimize space requirements.


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Adapter Pallet

Looks good:

FATH Dollies and FATH Adapter Pallet

Together with the FATH Adapter Pallet, your FATH Dollies also become high-bay capable. In addition, inter-plant transport by truck and rail is ensured - repacking or restacking is thus avoided, which improves logistical processes and reduces costs.

You thereby achieve a quantum leap in flexibility in internal and external logistics. 



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Guiding Rails FIFO

Perfect interaction:

FATH Guiding Rails FIFO and FATH Dollies

FATH Guiding Rails FIFO, in combination with FATH Dollies, ensure efficient and space-saving material staging. With the guide rails, you can set up a FIFO station exactly according to your individual requirements.

The FIFO station can be expanded quickly and easily at any time because of its floating, screwless design.



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