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Fifo Guiding Rails (set)

Build a FIFO station based on need while saving space with FATH FIFO Guiding Rails


Thanks to the modular design, the length and width of the FIFO station can be flexibly adjusted. You can set up your FIFO station exactly according to your individual requirements and expand it at any time. The FIFO guiding rails are screwed together with connection plates directly on the insertion caps. This connection element ensures stability and determines the track width. The number of tracks can be selected based on need.

Individual guiding rails are joined together with a lengthwise connector to achieve the desired track length. FIFO guiding rails are available in the standard lengths 1200, 1800 and 2400 mm and, upon request, in the exact length you require.

Unique on the market: Rectangular connections enable cost-effective enclosure. The 8 mm profile slot incorporated in the FIFO guiding rails can be used to effortlessly install structures with all standard 40 x 40 mm profiles, such as enclosures to indicate tracks. A post for signage can be easily positioned from above at a 90° angle and securely anchored in the slot. Integration on machine protection enclosures is possible as well. Thanks to the practical rectangular connections, these fixtures can be implemented significantly faster and at a far lower cost than with conventional systems.


  • Modular system – scalable at any time
  • Extra wide, break-proof insertion caps
  • Upward-facing profile slots for cost-effective enclosure
  • Floating installation without screwed joints
  • Space-saving thanks to
  • One-sided rail guide
Ingenious Lean product for efficient and structured material provision

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Innovative: extra wide insertion caps for easy feeding in of dollies

FATH has redesigned the insertion caps to ensure even greater efficiency when handling dollies. The extremely wide opening acts like a funnel and helps facilitate the loading of the FIFO station. Rollers can be effortlessly slid into the rails even when they are completely hidden from view by crates. The insertion caps are mounted at the start and end of each track. This allows operators to implement the FIFO principle (First In First Out) perfectly, ensuring an optimized in-house flow of goods.

Another big plus: FATH insertion caps for the FIFO station are manufactured using aluminum die casting and are unbreakable, unlike conventional plastic caps.


Innovative: Extra wide infeed caps to slide in floor rollers easily

Quick and easy installation without bolting to the floor

FATH FIFO Guiding Rails feature floating installation. The FIFO station doesn't have to be bolted to the floor to be securely seated, which protects factory floors. The rails are held by the dead weight of the dollies. A bolted connection to the floor is available as an option for special requirements; drill holes are integrated into the insertion caps.

Rapid, easy installation with no bolting to the floor

Space-saving, one-sided rail guide

One guiding rail per track is sufficient to hold dollies firmly in position. You can freely choose which side of the dolly is to be guided. Just three guiding rails are required for three tracks, for example. This reduces costs, saves space and provides additional flexibility.

Space-saving, one-sided rail guide

Perfect interaction:
FATH FIFO Guiding Rails and FATH Dollies

Material provision becomes even more efficient in combination with FATH Dollies. The dollies are precisely designed for all KLT/Euro containers 400 x 600 mm and offer a high load-bearing capacity of up to 250 kg. As empties, they can be stacked to save space and stored in a minimal amount of space. Versions are available with and without lateral guide as well as with towing bar systems suitable for tugger trains. All FATH rollers for dollies are equipped with high-quality wheels manufactured by Blickle Germany.

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Perfect interaction: FATH FIFO Guiding Rails and FATH Dollies

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